Forgetfulness and its impact

Forgetfulness is quiet an ambiguous word,which can be viewed in different ways as a result of critical thinking, when one’s thought reached a limit, thereby, making one to really be in the state of absentmindedly. Imagine this funny accident the other day at Asaba,this man drove to ShopRite in his car, after purchase of items with his car keys in his hands stopped a keke and boarded to Okpanam. It was when he alighted from the keke he boarded and with his car keys in his hands, he remembered he had left his car at Shoprite. It was as a result of critical thinking that had overwhelmed him a lot of thought in his head.Again, what of the case of a woman who went to the market With her little child sometimes ago and after buying things she boarded a taxi .Reaching her destination, she came down from the taxi and left, leaving her little child at the back sit of the cab. The taxi driver took notice of the child and called the woman back. The forgetfulness of her child was as a result of critical thinking.

Forgetfulness is very common among drug addicts, they easily forget at times their brain do function in anti clock wise, that was why a pretty lady after making use of the toilet, she forgot to flush it because she was so high on weeds not only that ,she came out of the toilet fully naked, forgetting her self. Forgetfulness is an act of bad critical thinking. Most people have lost their lives after being knocked down by vehicles not knowing when he or she walk on in coming vehicle. Some people will be walking and talking to themselves forgetting that they are on the high way.

Forgetfulness at home due to home problems, it is common some times married women forget that they placed some things on the fire in the kitchen. Critical thinking had taken over her and she forgot that she placed some thing on fire. Imagine this married couple who are on family planning after having children that fateful day,the man forgot to put on a condom. It was when he has discharged his wife after Marathon of pumping that he realised he did not put on the condom because he was not in a good frame of mind .As a devout Catholic, they have to accept their faith should the wife became pregnant, because abortion will not be considered. With this few analysis, you can now see what forgetfulness can cause.
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Ika News: Forgetfulness and its impact

Character Leadership

Growing up in Nigeria in the early 80’s and 90’s was very difficult. I and my peer relatives did not have much of a childhood experience because we were tasked with adult responsibilities at a tender age. We were taught leadership qualities which has translated to greater responsibility and accountability in our adulthood. At thirteen years old, I migrated to America for greener pasture. I strongly believed that the daily living skills and leadership responsibilities bestowed upon me propelled me for success in the States.

I recently visited Nigeria this past March and stayed for approximately one month. I had an opportunity to meet new people, develop new relationships and reacquaint with old friends and family. Every single individual had a story to tell. Many of their stories were told in a sorrowful voice and all expressed disdain for the country they love. In the little time I spent in Nigeria, I had a story to tell. My experience wasn’t very positive but I choose focus on the positive aspects of my journey. As I listened attentively, the major issues identified were social injustice, social inequality, lack of economic mobility, security concerns and most importantly the inhuman inhabitants. Many echoed the sentiments that their elected officials have failed them. The outcry has left many Nigerians in despair and state of melancholy.

Nigeria obviously has myriad of issues that has stunt its growth as a continental or global power. We have the resources to be great. I recalled reading the great American novel, That Used to Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back (2011) by Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandebaum. The authors detailed the values that made U.S. a global power and steps on how it can regain its global status as world superpower. I was inspired by this novel because it reminded all Americans who they were, what they have become and how they can overcome.

After reflecting on this book, it brought nostalgic memories on the principles that made Nigeria the “Superpower of Africa.” In my initial interview with Mr. Augustine Ekamagule, I mentioned that Nigerians need to go back to their forgotten Root. I later volunteered to provide a monthly article on Character Leadership. I would like to thank Ika Mirror Newspaper from the bottom of my heart for providing me the platform to reach the unreachable. I hope that our presently elected government officials will read this article and reflect on their leadership and develop a plan of action to improve their leadership practices. Through educational reform, Nigerian citizens, its youth and children can learn character leadership as we pray and hope for a better future.

“Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal”.(Northouse, 2013, p.5)

This particular article focuses an important leadership trait: Accountability. In my survey questions of what leadership is…. there were distinct responses to leadership attributes. Interestingly, all leadership traits were positive in nature. If people attribute positive traits with leadership or what leadership should be then why are so many leaders exhibit negative qualities? While the microscope is always on our elected government officials (rightfully so), I will have you remember that leadership is everyone’s responsibility. There has been many leadership theories or ideologies. However, the one thing they all have in common is that great leadership requires Personal Accountability. Our society has developed the thought process revolving around wealth acquisition and the ambition to acquire wealth is by any means necessary. We don’t care if we kill, maim, steal or betray our brothers and/or sisters to acquire wealth. Parents no longer question their children’s source of wealth. Instead, parents glory the wealth and the evil act continues to manifest across within our community and nation at large. Many political figures who are trusted in leadership positions have perpetuated the culture of self-centeredness and greed. Things have spiraled out of control and Nigeria is headed in a downward spiral.

The essence of transformational leadership is the ability to elicit Powerful Questions. The questions we all have to ask ourselves are:How did we get to this state of apathy?How and when did the Giant of Africa shrink?How did we become the most corrupt nation in the world?Where do we go from here?

As in any change process, one must admit there is a problem. The politicians who have the executive and supreme power to enact change have turned a blind eye because they are the biggest culprit and must be culpable for the mishaps in Nigeria. The question is that if you have a problem, who is going to change it and if not now then when? I believe it’s time for all Nigerians to take Personal Accountability. We all have potential for leadership and many of us are leaders in many capacities. Your values have to reflect your actions. We must pledge to love each other, to put our neighbors first, to build our communities. The government has a greater responsibility but it all begins with each and every one of us. We must strive to hold ourselves and others accountable!

Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill to name a few did not fall from the sky. They exude desirable qualities that influenced their followers. They were transformational leaders. Nigeria needs transformation from old to new, from corruption to scrupulous, from darkness to light, from fixed mindset to growth mindset, from hate to love, from stagnation to creativity. Leadership is the key to transformation. If we want change in Nigeria, we all must demonstrate what that change looks like. We must refrain from criminal activities, dysfunctional behaviors, and form coalitions that will empower Nigeria to great heights. Nigerians must refrain from hope that a leader will fall from the sky. Leadership is learned, it is practical, it is transactional and most importantly it is transformational. We know better, therefore, we must do better for our nation to prosper and flourish.
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Ika News: Character Leadership


Tattoo is a cultural practice of facial, chest and body marks known in Ika as Igu or Egbugbu. Many Ika people who did not know its origin took it as mere body beautification.

The facial marking of an Ika citizen was at times distinct, but resembled Bini and Ishan designs. Ika used uche-knife to cut lines about 1” and 3” on each check and one on the forehead. Some men like the Edos had longer and wider ones as some had several lines on the forehead only, while women had marks on both the forehead like men and women in Ishan.
Facial marks were designed for the slaves in the early days; but after sometime, a free-born of Ika was difficult to know or discover when kidnapped or killed at war, while a slave with marks was easily traced by the master. By this tragedy, Ika freeborn began to have marks except the prince for any nwa eze must not be deformed.

However, Ika people inherited the culture of tattoo from Benin civilization. Tattoo originated in the reign of Oba Ewuare the Great (1440) who wrecked his misdirected anger on Benin people. This was because of the tragic death of his two sons Ezuwaha and Kubyawa in one day. In his grief, he instructed the Osiwu/Osigwu (women perfected in tribal marks) to tattoo all Benin young men and ladies for identification purposes in any part of the world they got to. This was because Binis who had attained the marriage age fled Benin. He further decreed that no married couple would have sexual intercourse; neither should any marriage take place for a period of three years, which he declared for the mourning of his two sons. He also decreed that nobody in the land of Benin should take his or her bath during the period.

Since young men and ladies could not afford to brook any insolence of remaining for three years without having their bath, without marrying and getting children, they started to flee the kingdom.

Thus, the Ika people of the olden days inherited the culture of tattoo as passport to move freely as those untattooed stood the risk of being kidnapped.

As time went on, Ika people adopted tattoo for the body beautification and traditional permission of newly married couple to begin to have sexual relations, but never before then. When an Ika girl was mature, she was given marks on the belly below the navel. If not marked before joining her husband, she was subjected to penalty by the Osigwu-markers’ guild. If she had any sexual intercourse with any man not her husband, she was considered defiled and her child would not be circumcised until she paid the penalty. Nowadays, tribal marks are no longer of useful purpose in Ika community culture. Things are changing and people don’t want to have marks again.

In Ika, the first make-up and skin care materials were obtained from camwood (ufie). Hausa call it lali. Then, Ika maiden adorned their bodies with the camwood and uri (the black tree) body care mixtures. Camwood was also the main ingredient used in the fattening room of women.

The Ika people with black skins and fair skins showed good portray of high art and delineated Ika cultural backgrounds. Then, many had the notion that fair skin colours were better than dark complexions. As a result, a lot of women used ufie products to lighten their skins, sometimes at a high health cost.

TaboosTaboos are prohibition of religious or social or the use or practice or mention of something or contact with someone. They are things forbidden among some tribes or ethnic groups and put the people in bondage of fear of these taboos,that says or touch not, taste not and handle not. Ika community taboos evolve under the strict influence of religious beliefs. Many Ika taboos are cultural issues of religious beliefs which forbid people to do or say.

The important factor in the moral life of the Ika people has been strict observance of taboos and time – honoured usage. These are the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ regulating every human behaviour. In Ika people’s thought, taboos have collectively taken one special significance by assuming a quasi-personal character in consequence of which it has been given the name, aru-u or nso ali. Ika people believe that in the face of baffling crime or offence, Mmo will judge (track down the offender), which is as much as to say that sinners will not go unpunished.

Ika Myths on TaboosIn the beginning, and in order to live, man adapted himself to his environment. Experience soon taught him what could be done and what must be avoided. His life revolved around taboos consisting in deeds, to abstain from things not to be eaten, acts of breach of moral or spiritual laws, breaking covenants, repeated ablutions before taking part in rites, etc. In other words, taboos refer mainly to forbidden human behaviours. Man found it necessary in an imperfect society, to introduce these elements of subtle ‘coercion’ in order to strengthen his ‘weak will’ in the performance of the ethical duties. These elements are governed by codes and conventions defining man’s relationship, which have to be maintained with spirits, mmo; medicines (ogun), and all creatures, in order to avoid confusion, and to maintain peace in the community.

It is believed that those who broke taboos were, therefore, considered as accursed, who would be liable to bring disaster upon the whole community. By and large, it was also believed that each divinity would punish ritual or moral offences committed within its province; that each aggressive ancestor would reprimand his own people for dereliction of filial duties; and that it is God who judges men pure for what they are in consequence of their character.

Ika myths on taboos are varied, and myths of abstinence which take their roots in totems and creatures (animals and plants) considered by the community to have a close connection with a family group, village or community. This relationship is often in the form of favour or protection, which this group of people may have received from a totem in the past and thus hold it sacred. Ika people believe that it is unkind to kill or eat totems; hence it is a taboo to do so. This belief has imposed upon those involved to avoid or respect these totems. In some areas, sorts of rites are accorded to a totem killed mistakenly. To be continued…
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The Rain That Beat the Eagle also Beat the Vulture

In Alaika, there is a popular saying: ” MÍRÍŃ M’àh Ùgó’ń Wùfúà Ùÿíń” (The rain that beat the Eagle has made the bird even more good-looking”). Sometimes this saying is extended to include how the rain affected the vulture, a comparative strategy that reminds us that both birds are related. The extension to the vulture adds : “…Kàhńí hùń máh Ùdèlè gbùèh” (“… the one that beat the vulture just killed the bird”). Sorry for the Vulture. Sorry for being unlucky.

Whenever I hear this saying, I feel sorry for the vulture and envy the eagle. Some birds are affected badly by rainstorms and those that can fly high should thank their stars. I recall that Ika folksong that says: “… Míńríń màh Ń’ńùńú kà hùà Òÿíh….” Translated roughly as “… A bird beaten by the rain feels cold.” So, we can understand the predicament of the vulture, especially when its stomach is still a cemetery!

There is strong sympathy, in fact, admiration, for the eagle and no such sympathy or admiration for the vulture. In some countries, for instance, Nigeria, the vulture is metaphorically referred to as ” government pickin,” as a way of registering its being homeless and beyond punishment. It seems the vulture’s freedom is paradoxically a curse, for the bird is still under the bondage of dirt and disease. The eagle, on the other hand, is clean and far from contract of disease. Sorry, too, for government whose freedom is slavery, or abundance serious deficiency!One can see clearly that the rain that beat the vulture is devastating, and the same rain treated the eagle well. It is, therefore, very offensive to be metaphorized as a vulture, not only because of the idea that the referent is a scavenger, but because of the perception of the terrible looks. The vulture looks as if it is going to die any minute!

The main issue: that disfavor or mischief designed for the eagle is only helping the bird, ironically! Isn’t it true that we end up helping that person whose interests we think that we are undermining? If Satan had known that by taking Jesus to the cross and making him spread out his hands that he was advertising his new religion and initiating a very important force of globalization, he would not have ventured near that crucifixion. It, in reverse, cost him a lot.

The point, therefore, is that it is a sheer waste of time to plan to work against the eagle. That noble bird will triumph, what more, the conspiracy will end up helping the high flyer! It is even frustrating to for the rain to beat the eagle also. That rain should be for the vulture and make it look more and more terrible.

Isn’t it interesting the eagle can now perch on graveyards? As a symbol of nobility in the coat of arms! Is it really a vulture? Why drag the eagle into this mess ?

The eagle in that noble outfit also has another relative hidden away. Idealized as a criminal, that relative is the kite. It wasn’t beaten by the rain, but it has a bad name because it takes even if it belongs to another. It believes in not working to own.

What interesting relatives, eagle of the coat of arms. An opposite can sometimes be the real thing! So, this rain could have drenched the same person in different costumes, who knows? It is the same tropical storm breaking branches and breaking relationships and breaking people!the vulture could be the kite

… Who knows?

Citizen Miracle Ogor
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Ika News: The Rain That Beat the Eagle also Beat the Vulture

Sarah Abbey Laid To Rest

The remains of Late Mrs. Sarah Abbey, A native of Igbanke, in Edo State, and former staff of Ika Weekly Newspaper, Agbor, has been committed to mother earth on Saturday, April 24, 2021, at her family compound in Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.Late Mrs. Sarah Abbey, died on Sunday, April 11, 2021, after a brief illness at the unripe age of 45 years old.

She was a devoted christian of the Jehovah Witness Faith.Late Mrs. Sarah Abbey, was survived by her aged mother, husband, three lovely children, brothers, sisters, in-laws and friends.May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.

Mrs. T. Ashien (5th from the right), with Mr. E. Egbuchinem (4th from right) & otherstaffs of Ika Weekly Newspaper during the burial ceremony

Late Mrs. Sarah Abbey
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Ika News: Sarah Abbey Laid To Rest

Our Laziness Has Brought Us Hunger -Bishop Ekpenisi

The Anglican Bishop of Ika Diocese, Rt. Rev’d Godfrey Ifeanyichukwu Ekpenisi has attributed the unseriousness of the nowadays people towards hard work to be the major cause of hunger in the land.Bishop Ekpenisi made this known during his sermon while officiating the child dedication service cum Baptism of baby Borngreat Chukwurinma, the second child of the Vicar in charge of St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Aliagwai, Rev. Kelvin Utomi Okowa on Sunday, April 25, 2021.Speaking on the topic he titled, “Creative to Dress and to keep”, Bishop Expenisi, said human beings are specially created by God to have dominion overall his creations.

According to him, “Our uniqueness is that we are created in the image and likeness of God, which totally differentiates us both in personality and reasoning. But this love of God for us has been abused by those who engaged in marriage of the same sex.

“As human beings, we ought not to live a life of fear for the fact that God has given us dominion over all things. The mandate of God for us is never to destroy what he has created but to dress and keep.”The cleric while expressing dissatisfaction over the laziness of nowadays human beings said God’s mandated to be hardworking and get busy.He added, “Besides insecurity, we have long ago lost the value of work, and it has greatly affected our economy. Our youths, particularly young men have become so lazy that only few now assist their parents in farm work.

“Farm produce during my growing up were in excess, and there were enough to eat. But since we lost the value of work (farming), the village people where the bulk of the farm produce comes have resorted to be living in the town to buy the Hausa yam. The Hausa yam which has now become our choice of yam eating because of laziness to farm work has affected the economy (inflation).

“The demand of Hausa yam is so high that the price has gone high that even our money cannot buy it in large quantity to feed for a long time. The prevailing hunger in the land is a lesson for our being lazy to work.“It’s obvious that today that our people who are doing farming use the Hausa’s as labourers for the fact that our people have totally backed out from hard work in the name of civilization”.

Bishop Ekpenisi said the future of Ika people is highly threatened with the unseriouness of the youths to work, saying everybody is anxious to make money and be successful in life without struggle.He stated that God designed human beings to work hard, stating that the narrative has been changed by the youths seeking for the shortcut to success in life. He said hard work cuts across all aspects of human life , saying, “As a student, you must work hard by taking your studies seriously and flee from exam malpractice, whoever we are, and whatsoever we do, we must work hard to do that we are expected to do and do it well”.

The Bishop while stating that God created everyone to be industrious called on parents and community leaders to go back to the drawing board of the old style of life to encourage the children, and the youths to be patient in life rather pursuing money wrongly in the name of engaging in Yahoo-Yahoo business for the dangers ahead is mysterious.

In a chat with journalists at the end of the church service, the mother of baby Borngreat, Mrs. Esther Chukwufunaya Okowa while beaming with smiles said her joy knows no bound over the dedication ceremony of her child, saying that she prayed to God for a baby girl, and He answered her. She thanked all who has come to share in her joy for coming, praying to the good Lord that her baby will remain a favoured child.

On his part, Rev. Kelvin Utomi Okowa described the ceremony as the Christians initiatory right of every newborn child to return them to God for appreciation and blessings. He specially thanked Bishop Ekpenisi and his wife, Evelyn Nkemdili for honouring their request to perform the baby baptism and dedication. He also appreciated all the clergies, and their wives, parents, family members and friends, like Evang. Emmanuel Odili and host of Aligwai people for their love.
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Ika News: Our Laziness Has Brought Us Hunger -Bishop Ekpenisi

Appointment Of UNIDEL V-C : Residents Bare Their Mind

Residents of Boji Boji Metropolis have during an interactive session with Ika Mirror Newspaper reporter on Wednesday, April 28, 2021, commended the effort of the Delta State Governor, His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, on the appointment of Professor (Mrs.) Stella Chinye Chiemeke, a Professor of Computer Science, as the Pioneer Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.

It will be recalled that the Delta State Governor on Monday, April 26, 2021, appointed Vice Chancellors for the Three New Universities established by the state government.

Those appointed are Prof. Ben Emukufia Akpoyamere Oghojafor, for Denis Osadebey University, Anwai, Asaba. Prof. (Mrs.) Stella Chinye Chiemeke, for the University Of Delta, Agbor, and Prof. Jacob Snapps Oboreh, for the University Of Science And Technology, Ozoro.Here are the contributions of some of the respondents who bared their mind on the appointment of Professor (Mrs.) Stella Chinye Chiemeke, as the First Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor.Happy reading.

Mr. Azikiwe Samuel, A Civil Servant with the newly established University of Delta, Agbor, said “I may not have had a personal relationship with her, but with the little knowledge I have about her when I went for an interview at Ogwashi-Uku, for the position of a Bursar, I was able to understand that she is someone that is well endowed in terms of her area of specialization and I equally found out from some colleagues there, that she is very disciplined and homely. Her credentials is a welcome development and I equally acknowledge the fact that she will be of help to the new University based on her wealth of experience and her being able to coordinate issues that have to do with contemporary times especially as it concerns funding, because if you look at where she was before at Ogwashi-Uku, it’s like they were having this issue of funding but when she came on board, she was able to do the needful and at the end of the day things started moving as it ought to be in the school. So, I believe that in the same vein, she will be of help to this newly established University. My wish to her is that as she resumes as the first Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, let her take all of us as part of the building process, so that at the end of the day we will all achieve the purpose of her coming and I equally wish her a wonderful and prosperous tenure as she pilot the affairs of this great institution”.Mrs. Anene Boyle Ngozi, An Officer in the School of Sciences at the newly established University of Delta, Agbor, said “I was very happy when I heard that Prof. (Mrs.) Stella Chiemeke, has been appointed as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of this University, it was very challenging, I see it as a new dawn, I see it as something good that has come to this University and to Ika Land, believing that everything is going to take a new turn positively considering the credentials and profile of the new Vice Chancellor. I strongly believe that she is equal to the task, however, she should work as led, urging that she should put God first, and all other things will be put in place”.

Mrs. Okposo E. N., A Lecturer at the newly established University of Delta, Agbor, said “First of all, I want to appreciate the Delta State Governor for the kind gesture of deeming it fit for a woman to be appointed, as you know, Three new Vice Chancellors were appointed for the newly created Universities and a woman is among them, that is a very good one and kudos to the Governor for appointing a woman for the University of Delta, Agbor, we are also very happy because looking at the antecedents of the woman from where she is coming from, it’s something to really hope for that better things will come with her emergence as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of UNIDEL, so we are hoping that she will come and take the institution to greater heights, because from her credentials we discover that she is a woman with a reputable character, a woman that has gone far in her chosen career and profession, and her appointment is going to spur the women to aspire for higher degrees/certificates and for higher positions. From what we have seen, she is somebody that has a good character and a good heart. I encourage other women to emulate her and also work in that line to attain such position and even more than she has attained”.

Mr. Ogunbor O. G., A Management staff of the newly established University of Delta, Agbor, said “The appointment of Prof. (Mrs.) Stella Chiemeke, as the Pioneer Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, is a welcome development, she is a hard working woman of high profile and integrity. The woman is a family friend, I know her very well, she is capable of handling an institution of this magnitude, I know that she will pilot it to an enviable level. I have no doubt that with her wealth of experience she will perform her duties creditably well even better than some of her male counterparts.

I want to really appreciate His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, the Executive Governor of Delta State, for finding Prof. Stella Chinye Chiemeke, worthy of the appointment, and it also represent the gender balance of his administration, it is a good one, I want to once again appreciate him and commend him that he has done well”.

Mr. Cletus Eziokwu Okwuokenye, A Businessman, said “I got the information about her appointment online and confirmed that it was true. I commend our Executive Governor His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, for appointing a woman as the first Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, it has proven to the women in the state that there is no discrimination on the female genders. However, I urge the new Vice Chancellor to let her leadership of the newly established citadel of learning be one that will be applauded through her efforts in putting in place the spirit of excellence in the school, being an Ika indigene she has to put up her best irrespective of tribe or ethnicity and be very much transparent. She should deploy every necessary administrative pattern that she knows will augur well with her and never give room for breakdown of law and order.

Further more, the new Vice Chancellor, should ensure that the voice of the school is heard, by giving the Students Union body of the school a good opportunity to exercise their franchise and bring the perpetrators of breakdown of law and order to book as quickly as possible geared towards instilling discipline among the students and conducive learning environment for all the members of the University community. With such harmonious atmosphere and quality education in the institution, she will be a woman of substance to reckon with, and a Pan Ika woman at all time”.

Mr. Emmanuel Uzor, A Businessman, said “The appointment of the new Vice Chancellor is a great news and a welcome development, I commend His Excellency the Governor of Delta State, for recognizing the role of the women in our society. It is a thing of joy that the pioneer Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, is a woman, the choice is indeed heart warming and it is a laudable achievement on the part of the Governor, knowing that it will give a sense of belonging to the women folk.

We expect the woman to perform very well, no doubt we have witnessed several activities of some women playing active roles in politics and have excelled tremendously in such assignments. I was informed that the woman is an accomplished educationists, hence I have no doubt in my mind that she will do well. Nevertheless, we urge her to take the University to higher heights in actualizing set goals and to also take Ika Nation to national limelight. I will further advise the new Vice Chancellor to carry out wide range reforms, so that the University will be one of the best Universities in Nigeria”.

Mr. Emmanuel UzorMr. Cletus E. OkwuokenyeMr. Ogunbor. O.GMrs. Okposo E.NMrs. Anene Boyle NgoziMr. Azikiwe SamuelProf. (Mrs.) Stella Chinye Chiemeke
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Ika News: Appointment Of UNIDEL V-C : Residents Bare Their Mind

Faith That Works

Calvary greetings to everyone in Jesus Christ Mighty Name, Amen.I want to teach on the message titled “Faith That Works”.

What is Faith? Faith is a key of Life. Another definition of Faith is that, Faith is a Ladder. Hebrews 11:6, says “But without Faith it is impossible to please him : For he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him”. So Faith is a Ladder, Faith is a key of Life. How do you get Faith? Faith comes from the word of God. What is the word of God? The word of God is a Spirit, that is why the Bible says ‘They that must worship God, must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth’, so without Faith, No man can please God, the maker of heaven and earth and our maker, that is why before you can have the evidence of Christianity, you must be a man and a woman of Faith.

You don’t predict Faith, Faith is a reality, Faith is success, Faith is promotion, Faith is achievement, Faith is God’s door which every Christian must knock at, that will make God to open and say come in and receive your blessing.When a man has no Faith, he can’t subdue any problem, you can’t subdue any Kingdom, you can’t fight a war and survive it because Faith makes God to know that you are a member of His kingdom. People that pleased God included, let me start from Abraham, Abraham was a man of Faith, the Bible made us to know that when God choose him and assured him of His blessings, he never doubted the promises of God, he waited for the fulfillment because the word of God is Patience.Faith is a stamp, Faith is like an indelible mark on a man’s body that cannot be erased because the word of God does not wave, it does not stagger. When God speaks, because He is a God of truth, when you believe it, Faith comes.Faith germinates from believing the word of God. If you don’t believe the word of God you can’t get Faith. When you have Faith your language will change.Faith is what made Jacob to be blessed.The man who has Faith will have boldness to stay in any circumstances.Faith will make the people who have it to overcome or subdue or have dominion or to be on top of that situation.Faith is something that brings good result, it promotes.Let me give an example, when you look at the life of Sampson in the book of Judges, Samson and the mother were traveling, suddenly a Lion came and roar before them, and because Samson had Faith in God he confronted and tore the Lion. A man who has Faith does not shy away from any circumstances, all that he professes in his heart is that ‘It is well’, that is Faith.When you study the life of Moses, it was characterized by Faith, as written in the book of Hebrews 11:23 “By Faith Moses, when he was born, was hid Three months of his parents, because they saw he was a proper child, and they were not afraid of the king’s commandment”, It was Faith that made Pharaoh not to adopt Moses. Moses had Faith, he told himself that he was not a member of Pharaoh’s descendants because he was not an Egyptian. When a man has Faith he will discover original life, position and place. That is why when a man has Faith God will speak to him like when He instructs men of God, and say ‘Go to Warri’, without the Minister knowing or having anyone there, he will go there, when he gets there, he will live there and subdue the place and get blessed and he will bring forth good result for God. When God tells a man, ‘Go to Port Harcourt’, the Man will go there without having any brother or sister in the new location when he has Faith. That is why I said earlier that Faith is the key of Life, when you have Faith it can open any door, let me repeat it, when you have Faith it can open any door, your Faith in God can eliminate any circumstances.Moses, having Faith in God as outlined in the book of Hebrews 11:23, never agreed that he was an Egyptian, even after being raised in the palace of king Pharaoh, Faith made him to know where he came from.When you have Faith you do things that are righteous, you do things that are good, people that have Faith do not practice evil. When a man has Faith you will discover that he is a blessing to humanity, he delights in solving people’s problems like a Medical Doctor.Joseph was a man of Faith, Isaac was a man of Faith, Rehab the harlot was a woman of Faith.When you have Faith you take risk like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. If you don’t have Faith you can’t take risk for God, people that have Faith take risks for God. We have men like, Late Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa, Oral Roberts and Bishop David Oyedepo, who does not look into the hand of people. When you have Faith you become independent, depending solely on the word of God, that is where Trust come.So, if you don’t have Faith you cannot do the will of God. When any circumstances comes it is only the people who have Faith that can withstand such situation.

When you have the Spirit of Faith you will have a reward and the reward will be so pronounced, you will be different from other people and your work will be meaningful, that is what the book of James 2:14 says. For if you as a Christian don’t have Faith you can’t serve God, you can’t prove God, it’s only the people who have Faith that proves God, because Faith is something that you cannot handle but you are already testifying that it is with you and you will be able to prove it before everyone.

What I want everyone to understand is that Faith without work is dead. For you to get the detailed analysis about Faith, read the book of James 2:14-26, which says “What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath Faith, and have not works? Can Faith save him? If a brother or sister be naked and destitute of daily food, And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled, not withstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body, what doth it profit?Even so Faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. Yea, a man say, Thou hast Faith, and I have works: shew me thy Faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my Faith by my works. Thou believest that there is one God, thou doest well : the devils also believe, and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that Faith without works is dead? Was not Abraham our Father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar? Seest thou how Faith wrought with his works, and by works was Faith made perfect?

And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness : and he was called the Friend of God.

Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by Faith only. Likewise also was not Rehab, the harlot justified by works, when she had received the messengers, and had sent them out another way?For as the body without the Spirit is dead, so Faith without works is dead also”.

This is the message of Faith, I want everyone to understand that any Faith which is not committed to doing good is not a genuine Faith.Faith that does good, Faith that saves people, Faith that solves peoples problems, Faith that makes people not to agree on any tradition that is not of God, that is the real Faith.So the book of James 2:14-26, as outlined above on Faith, is what every believer need.

Jesus died and resurrected, I was not there, but now that I have Faith and believe in His word, Jesus is alive and He is with me here, that is Faith.Jesus said ‘Don’t do this’, you obey, that is Faith. Jesus was doing good and healing people everywhere he went and God was with Him, that is Faith.I urge every Christian to always read the book of James 2:14-26, Faith works, Faith does not stay alone, Faith moves man forward, Faith solve problems, when you have Faith in the word God it cures so many sicknesses and diseases. That is why the book of Mark 16:17-18 says “And these signs shall follow them that belittling, In my name shall they cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues, They shall take up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them, They shall be lays hands on the sick, and they shall recover”.

It is Faith that makes a believer to pray for a sick person to receive healing. If you don’t have Faith any sickness that they bring before you, such Faithless person will never be a solution to those sicknesses.Anointing germinates inside Faith. I earlier told you that Believe brings out Faith in the word of God, while Faith brings forth Good Results from the word of God. That is why when you have Faith you lay hand on the sick and he shall recover. That is why, when you have Faith, if they give you poison it will not hurt you. Through Faith you will cast out devil in His name.

Faith is a Weapon which every believer need to have, not only the Pastors or Deacons, but every believer and Born Again Christians must live on Faith. Just like Peter and John, when they were going to the temple through the Beautiful Gate, where they met a crippled man at the gate begging for money, the physically challenged man requested for money and not for healing. That is why, when you have Faith, you also carry Wisdom along, the crippled man was not having wisdom, he never requested for a good thing instead he wanted to remain a beggar, but the men of God that carried Faith, Peter and John, told him that what he needed was healing and not money, and they being filled with the Holy Spirit commanded him to rise up and walk, so that he will no more be a beggar, so that he can get appointment, so that he can go to the farm to work and feed his family, so that he can worship the Almighty God that healed him.

When a person don’t have Faith he behaves stupidly and takes wrong decisions.That is why, Men that have Faith are solutions to problems, like Late Bishop Benson Idahosa, Oral Roberts, Bishop David Oyedepo, Bishop Gila, Prophet T. B. Joshua and Apostle Johnson Suleiman.When a man is filled with Faith, he will remove ignorance from the lives of the people and become a problem solver.

Conclusively, it is good for Christians to have Faith in God, because the word of God is Life, it’s a Ladder and those that believes in it, use it to climb to the top and reign for God. Thank you.For people who need counseling and those who want to be part of sponsoring this Ministration, they can contact the Prophet of God through this Number : 08037452147.

Prophet Joseph Igbodo, is the General Overseer of Divine Faith Evangelical Mission International, he is also the Proprietor of Job Orphanage Home and the Proprietor of St. Stephen Trust Widows Home, all in Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.

By Prophet Joseph Igbodo
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Ika News: Faith That Works

Street trading: Ika South Environmental Taskforce Goes Toughough On Defaulters

The newly appointed Environmental Sanitation Taskforce in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 raided traders who flouts the government order prohibiting street trading in the area.The group with able-bodied young men took to the action following the refusal of the traders to obey the simple rule even after series of sensitization.

It could be recalled that the immediate past administration of the Local Government Council led by Hon. Barr. Victor Okoh, having built the Edike temporary market, made frantic effort to move the traders right into the market. However, the effort could not yeild the desired result as over forty-five percent of the traders still shade their wares along Odozi street amongst other streets while others who eventually moved to the Edike temporary market would shade their wears along the market walkways respectively.

The Taskforce Chairman who doubled as Special Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Community Development, Comr. Friday Orubor, said the raiding exercise was part of their measure to further instill discipline on the market women who has refused to obey the government directive.

According to him, the Environmental Sanitation Taskforce team has gone round appealing to the traders to stop street trading as it not only create difficulties to road users, but also exposes them to danger.Meanwhile, Comr. Orubor lamented that few hours after the taskforce team had left the environment, the traders returned back to continue their trade on same walkways.Continuing, Comr. Orubor described the attitude of the traders as rebellious, explaining that they the traders would do them selves good by adhering to the directive.“We have enough space inside the market for the traders to do their businesses.

“The Local Government Council has also taken an extra effort in getting back stores from private owners having more than two spaces. All these, are to have the traders get sufficient space to sell their goods,” Comr. Orubor said.He used the medium to advice residents and market women to stop disposing their refuse into the drainage system and also encouraged them to keep their surroundings clean.He expressed gratitude to the working Governor of Delta State, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa for his passion towards ensuring a clean Delta State and also commended the Ika South Council boss, Hon. Sunny Tatabuzogwu, for strongly keying into the Governor’s initiative for a cleaner and better Ika South.

In another development, the LG Environment Taskforce team met with traders of Baleke market in the Boji-Boji metropolis, appealing to them to stay clear from the market premises as reconstruction work by the state government shall commence on Monday next week.He disclosed that the project would last for 3 months as assured by the contractor in charge, pointing out that their appeal was to prevent the market traders from any casualties that may arise in the process of the job.

He also enjoined them to work in partnership with the council to clear the heaps of refuse at the market.

The women who were led by the Acting Chairman of the Baleke market, Mr. Augustine, promised to convey the message to other traders of the market while also appealing that traders should be able to get their space back at the completion of the project.
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Ika News: Street trading: Ika South Environmental Taskforce Goes Toughough On Defaulters

My Intimate Experience With Lula, The Ethiopian Girl

The order day I was going through my little library at the corner of my bedroom and saw one of those post cards sent to me in the good old days and remembered the good time I shared with Lula, the Ethiopian girl. Infact, you will enjoy reading it.

I arrived Addis Ababa ,the Ethiopian capital, precisely 11am local time in the winter season,on my way to Bombay, the airport was chilled, even the tarmac bus that conveyed us to the arrived hall ,seems as if it was shocked with ice block so cold. After going through custom and immigration formalities we were issued with transit visa then checked into the Ethiopia hotel, having settle in the hotel room,I phoned the waiter to get my lunch, the waiter was quick in attendance.While eating my meal, I internally peeped through my window to the road over looking the Ethiopian Hotel. The road was busy, once, I could see people in different attires milling to and fro, they were smartly dressed and some of them notably the youths wore American jeans and jacket, looking gay and happy.

After taking my lunch, I strolled around the hotel, I met some people and chatted with them. This people were happy to know that I came from Nigeria. Of course,FESTAC-77,still lingers in their minds. That festival really made Nigeria great. As I continued my walk ,I sighted a pretty girl as she alighted from a taxi,she was gorgeously dressed, putting on a flowery blouse neatly rocked in a pink skirt, she was holding a few note books and as she walked towards me I saw that she was a paragon of beauty, gracious from hair to toe. Her steps were perfect, walking as if on a deck of ship.

Good afternoon baby! I drew her attention. Hi, she replied and asked, are you from Kenya?, at the same time pouring out captivating smiles. Oh,no am a Nigerian, I told her. Am pleased to meet you, am Lula, a school teacher, she said to me as she placed the note books on her cheat, Ah! That a lovely name and am Kingsley .Am on my way to Bombay, it’s my first time in Ethiopia, am on transit, do you care knowing my place,? she asked. I accepted her kind gesture. As we walked along like newly wedded couple, she unfolded all about her family, saying, we are five in my family, my dad, my mum, my two brothers and I, the only girl. My father is an engineer with the Ethiopian Airline, my mother runs a restaurant down town and my brothers are in college. It’s splendid! I see you have a happy family, I voiced out. Thank you for the compliment, she replied, running her hand gently on her hair. We reached her home, the compound was adorned with beautiful flowers.

She led me into the sitting room, then brought two bottles of cold beer and placed one before me. As we sip on, we discussed sweet nothing words,she even asked me, if I can take her to Nigeria. As our chat was becoming more interesting, she raised her glass of beer and made me drank from it, and resting the glass of beer back to the table,then she wrapped her hand around my neck and gave me passionate kisses that lasted for about three minutes. Really she was good at it. Withdrawing her mouth from mine,she stood up, held me by my waist and showed me to her room,this is my room, feel at home, she voiced out at the same time unbottoning my shirt and pair of trousers. She so did it in a grand style,that in no time I was naked as the day I was born. And in few sounds she had as undressed also exposing her perfectly shaped body which I could mightily put as 36,28,38(figure 8).in such explosive and sexy mood,she slot in a sentimental music and began caressing me all over.

After the marathon show, I pulled away from Lula who was now resting on her back on the bed with her legs wide apart, looking at her perfect body,I ran my head through her hairs and kissed her warmly then said to Lula, you are good,I enjoyed your love making,I did also enjoyed you as well, she said remarked .

The next day Lula was right on time at my hotel and as the airline bus that was taking me to the airport began gliding off, Lula looking dejected, she was waving weakishly and only managed to voice out saying, remember to send me post card Kingsley as soon as you get to Bombay. I assured her that I will and I did send her a post card immediately.

I arrived Bombay airport, there after we maintained communication through post card for some time. During my sojoun abroad, I made friends with German girls, Russian girls and Indian girls. Even, Ireke ,the German girl I was to marry because of the love we shared. Her photograph is still placed conspicuously on the wall of my bed room. Of all these girls,non could match Lula, the Ethiopian girl in her bed- matic process.I pray wherever Lula may be,she should always be her humble self and still remain sexy.
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Ika News: My Intimate Experience With Lula, The Ethiopian Girl