Issue Of Born Again Paradoxical

Has Done More Harm Rather Than Good!

Judging from the happening concerning this couple, Mr and Mrs Brown ( not real name)who got married recently. It was a societal wedding, people came from far and near to grace the occasion. Mr Brown was a senior executive in a reputable oil company. Befor they tied the knot as. husband and wife they courted for two good years. They never came together sexually because of the born again stuff not to engaged in sexual act before marriage.

From the wedding reception, they settled into one of the best standard hotels for their honey moon. Mrs Brown was on a transparent night wear hugging her husband. Mr Brown couldn’t respond. He complained of being tired and that there will be enough time to play together where they resume home. At the end of an on eventful honeymoon, they returned home, that was when Mrs Brown discovered that her husband was having a disfunctioning sexual organ. In marriage, sex plays a very crucial roles, it’s not disputable. At least, 70 % people married because of sex. Some of the born again are hypocrites, they hide under the cover of being born again. This act of deceit is also common among some of the born again ladies. After losing their wombs you see them appearing as born again and innocent. Just recently, a pastor of a reputable Church was caught red-handed using anointing oil in discriminately and un lawfully to rob on the breast and the private part of a woman. The woman had come for deliverance.

Back to the topic, Mrs Brown is now planning a divorce after she has decided not to be in the same page with her husband’s idea that she was free to go out to satisfy her self sexually.

Meanwhile, Mr Brown is doing everything possible to make his wife stay. He bought her a powerful Jeep and sent her junior brother to one of the best private Universities in Nigeria. Renovate her father’s building into a complete duplex, sank a water bore-hole and also bought a mikano sound prove generator.

Watch out for the follow up of steps taken by Mrs Brown in the next edition of Ika Mirror!
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Ika News: Issue Of Born Again Paradoxical