Ika Grammar School Old Boys Association,IGSOBA, Class 06/07, has inaugurated members of her national executive. The inauguration ceremony took place on Sunday, March 28 at Cool Breeze Garden along Kingsley Street , Boji-Boji, Owa, Delta State.

Açcording to the association, “Sequel to the establishment of Ika Grammar School Old Boys Associations.Class 2006/007 finds it paramount to establish and fellowship across the globe, with a mandate to build a formidable Arm that will work in synergy to better ourselves wherever and whenever the need arises. This was part of the resolution reached during our maiden meeting held ONLINE in our Whatsapp loop on Sunday, 21st February, 2021 where our Executive Committee members were electedunder a free and fair atmosphere to the satisfaction of all the candidates.

The following officers emerged victorious at the end of the election and will serve as the Executive Officers of IGBSOBA, Class 2006/2007 for the next two years as provided for in the association’s constitution.

Names of the executive members and their positions are:

Chairman, Comrade Sammy Anslem,Vice-Chairman,Comr. Obison Okwokenyen (Obison Holtels Alihame)Secretary,Comr Engr Paul Ajudenonu,PRO,Comr. Marvellous Nwanti,Treasurer, Comr. Ekene. Okolie ( Tu-Fresh ),Asst. Sec, Silas Ekaonyewehe,Welfare Secretary,Jerry Ndidi Erue (Malaysia),Assistant Welfare Secretary,Charles Frank,Provost 1, Otor Friday,Provost 2,Alvin C Moni (Malaysia), andFinancial Secretary, Promise Etunim.

The dully returned officers subscribed to the oath of office as expected during her first offline / inaugural meeting.

Speaking shortly after the inauguration, the Chairman of the associationwho doubles as the CHIEF RESPONSIBILITY OFFICER (C.R.O) OF CHUKKY ANSLY GLOBAL RESOURCE. A REAL ESTATE CONSULT FIRM & GENERAL MERCHANT. Comr.. Sammy Anslem Chukky described the re- union as divine, stating that the days of little beginning should not be despised as the Holy Book instructed.

He said that it was a tough journey for them as the pioneer executive members at the embryonic stage but to God be the glory where they are now. He finally urged the current members and also would-be members not to relent in their efforts to reunite with their old boys from their Alma mata of Almost 15 years , noting that it’s a thing of joy for brethren to dwell together in unity,thus every one from that set is encouraged to get affiliated.

He disclosed that the new executive is already working to ensure that the end of the year’s reunion get together will be a historic event which is directly in line with the aim and objectives of the association.
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Your estate belongs to us not Emuhu Community

Where you are building your estate belongs to us not Emuhu Community, Umunede people tells Prince Okonye

The land dispute between the Chief Executive Officer, Prince Paradise Estate, Comrade Prince Emmanuel Okonye and the Idumu Esegbena / Ozoba Communities in Umunede, in Ika North East Local Government Area, Delta State has assumed another dimension as the Umunede Communities described Comrade Okonye as a land grabber .

The Umunede Communities which spoke through their representatives during a press briefing at the Agadagidi Civic Center, last Saturday, April 3, 2021 said that the said plots of land where Prince Okonye is currently building his Prince Paradise Estate belong to them and not Okonye family of Emuhu Community as speculated in the news.

The press briefing which was anchored by the Publisher, Ika Light Newspaper, Mr Wemdi Nwaham had in attendance, Chief Gabriel Egbule, the Oliha of Umunede, Chief Augustine Ikechukwu Aghaolor, the Igirigi of Umunede, Mr Tony Ngozi, President General, Umunede Progressive Union, UPU, Chief Ifeanyi Best Ikem, the Arum of Ille Nobu, Chief Celestine Eluehike,the Isierieze of Umunede, Elder Chukwuma Ofili, Mr Stephen Eluha, Mr Obi Ikechukwu, among other prominent Umunede people.

Chief Gabriel Egbule who was the first to address the press said, “Idumu Esegbena and Ozoba Communities in Umunede, Ika North East LGA were sometimes ago involved in a protracted land dispute with Emuhu Community in Ika South LGA, which they (Umunede) won up to the Supreme Court.

Chief Egbule disclosed that Idumu Esegbena/ Ozoba Communities land, lying on the right hand side of the Benin/Asaba Express Road when coming from Umunede, was sold by the people of Emuhu Community, Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of the State to one Emmanuel Okonye who is now constructing Prince Paradise Estate on the illegally acquired land.

Chief Egbule who was former President General, Umunede Progressive Union,UPU said that the owner of the Prince Paradise Estate, Prince Emmanuel Okonye has been intimidating and attacking his Umunede people with police and thugs.

He further disclosed that the said land dispute with Emuhu community has been on since 1954.

In the words of Chief Egbule, “Following the conscious encroachment into our land, we decided to take the two families of Emuhu Community who were sharing common boundaries with us to court by filing a case at Agbor High Court in 1969. And the case came before one Justice Obi and the court gave judgement in favour of my people, the Idumu Esegbena and Ozoba Communities of Umunede”.

“As expected, the Emuhu people appealed to the Court of Appeal in Benin City and the case came up before a panel of three Judges headed by late Justice Omoyiode. But, after a protracted legal battle which was obviously delayed because the head of the panel judges fell ill and was flown abroad for treatment, we were again given victory in judgement of the Court of Appeal, Benin-City. Not satisfied with the Court of Appeal, Benin-City judgement, Emuhu people again appealed to the Supreme Court using late Chief Gani Fawhinmi as their lead counsel, who appealed to the Supreme Court that an appeal judgement ought to be given within three months but the Court of Appeal Benin- City delayed judgement for more than the speculated three months

“The Supreme Court, listened to the prayers of Fawehinmi and referred the case back to Court of Appeal and at the Court of Appeal, Benin-City, the presiding judge again awarded us victory by standing on the earlier judgement of the Court of Appeal.Gani Fawehinmi appealed again to the Supreme Court on the ground that the delayed judgement of the Court of Appeal Benin-City was quashed at the Supreme Court by referring the case back so there was no way the new judge can uphold the former judgement in this case”.

“Unfortunately, his people lost the case on technical grounds which they appealed to the Supreme Court where Idumu Esegbena and Ozoba Communities in Umunede finally got victory in 1994.

He futher stated, “After this final victory, one John Okonye who was farming pineapple in the said land then came to beg us to be our tenant by paying rent for the said land to enable him harvest and continue his pineapple plantation. And because of our kind nature and hospitality, we entered into agreement with him( John Okonye) which he was honouring until after four years that he breached the agreement. On enquiry from him, the tenant, John Okonye said he was asked to stop by the Emuhu Community that they own the land which led to another tussle that made the Dein of Agbor and the Obi of Umunede to set up panel of enquiry which Idumu Esegbena and Ozoba Communities in Umunede won and the Emuhu people were fined four goats.

“About four years ago, one Chief from Emuhu came to our Royal Majesty suggesting the selling of the disputed land to a housing estate developer , a request our Obi rejected after due consultations that Emuhu Community has no land there.Emuhu people went behind and illegally sold the disputed land to one Emmanuel Okonye, also known as, Prince Paradise. Apart from going about boasting and telling lies that he(Prince Okonye) wants to develop Ika land but Umunede people were against his developmental plan, the said Emmanuel Okonye has been attacking and intimidating Umunede people and that the security agencies have compromised in their duties.

He pointed out that Umunede people are never against development because they have given plots of land to Delta State Government to build Rest Park and also to the Federal Government for projects but was abandoned following the Goodluck Jonathan ouster as president of Nigeria.He said the over eight police officers allegedly from Zone 5, Benin-City brought by Prince Paradise almost murdered their new Arum, Chief Ifeanyi Best Ikem and shot his wife, therefore crippling her in the process.He revealed, “the renewed land dispute took a new dimension when police officers drafted from Zone 5, pulled down the window burglary of Arum’s residential house on No. 113 Old Umunede/Agbor Road, then Old Lagos/Agbor Road, Umunede and forced themselves into his house.The officers who came in three vehicles on mufti numbering between five and six allegedly made unsuccessful efforts to dismantle the entrance burglary before scaling through the burgled window into the house but the Arum’s wife, Mrs. Ebere, prevented them from taking her husband away after several hours of struggling, when the officers allegedly opened fire on the wife on both legs before help could come from the community youths and family members. Again, Umunede people who went to their normal farm works were waylaid by Emmanuel Okonye’s thugs few days ago with all their farm tools and motorcycles taken away from them. And with the aide of the police the Umunede farmers were arrested on framed up charges of wanting to destroy Prince Paradise Estate, Emmanuel Okonye is building on the illegally acquired land.On his part, Chief Augustine Aghaolor, a retired diplomat from United Nations , and the Igirigiri of Umunede Kingdom, said he has been involved in peace keeping even in foreign lands. He debunked the allegations by Emmanuel Okonye that he (Chief) Aghaolor led boys to destroy his blocks and other working materials.

While condemning what he described as the forceful method Emmanuel Okonye was using to claim Umunede land, he told him to stop using the police to harass and intimidate Umunede people.

Continuing he said, “I also want to advise investors that Emmanuel Okonye is deceiving them because the land does not belong to him. There’s no way he can re-write history.Shooting the wife of our Arum, crippling her will not be spared. We must fight for justice. Prince Okonye gangsterism method does not solve problem and it will lead him to nowhere.”

He condemned the invasion of the residence of the Arum and the shooting of his wife by armed men, saying that it was an attempted murder on the couple just as he warned that the police and whoever contracted them would not get away with the act.

The former UPU president general said no Umunede youth will go to Okonye for settlement when elders have given warning for them to keep away from what they have no accurate knowledge of.

“Prince Emmanuel Okonye should vacate our land. The land Okonye is building his Prince Paradise Estate belongs to Umunede people not Emuhu. Okonye is a land grabber, our people of Umunede will not allow him to grab our land,” Chief Aghaolor stated.

From right: Chief Gabriel Egbule, Chief Celestine Eluehike & Chief Augustine Aghaolor

From right: Mr. Tony Ngozi, Chief Eluehike & Chief Ifeanyi Ikem

Comrade Prince Emmanuel Okonye
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Ika News: Your estate belongs to us not Emuhu Community


I watched her as I used the back of my palm to wipe off the sweat accumulating on my fore head.Normally, anytime she wakes me up in the morning, I would either frown or complain.

But today, amidst my frown, I noticed something I haven’t probably noticed till now.She’s Beautiful!And her hand swayed, with her veins popping out.Indicating stress.

‘I was already used to it, she ‘liked’ strenuous activities.’Wasn’t she even going to look at me and smile.‘That one in a million-dollar smile that could make you fall just by looking at her.’

‘I was admiring her for crying out loud!’She quickly used her wrapper to wipe of the sweat on her face.I smiled, enjoying the view.Cinema!!!I need to take her a picture, so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas.

‘My dad needs to watch out.’Finally, she caught my attention.Not only that, she smiled.‘Her smile was like the sunshine.I nearly melted’Oh…. How I love my mother.My protector that worth more than gold and diamond.My hero.So…

If you love your mother,Say I love you mom!Shout out to all the mothers in the world.©Nma Ewere.
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Ika Etumuse Unveils First Achievers in A 245 Page Book

It was a reunion and home coming for a good number of illustrious sons and daughters of Ika ethnic nationality in Delta State as they converged at Palm Event Centre, Boji-Boji, Owa, Ika North East Local Government Area, to witness the unveiling of the Ika First Achievers and Events Book, authored by a US based son of the nation, Chief Ika Etumuse and co-authored by Solomon Omojie.

Speakers at the event which had in attendance traditional, community and religious leaders, politicians, academicians, business moguls and entertainers amongst others, eulogized the authors of the 245-page book, just as they advocated for intellectual and entrepreneurial contributions towards the growth and development of Ika land.

According to the author, Chief Ika Etumuse, the book is a compendium of Ika first Achievers in all fields of human endeavors with Dr Jim Ovia leading the pack as the first Ika Indigene to establish a bank in Nigeria, immediately followed by another banker, Mr Godwin Emefiele, the first Ika son to be appointed as Governor of Central Bank.

One hundred and twenty five Ika sons and daughters made the list of honor, including Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa, the first Ika man to be elected as a Governor of a state in Nigeria and the Obi of Igbodo kingdom, HRM Ikechukwu Osedume 1, who is the first king in Ika land to be called to the prestigious Nigerian Bar as a Lawyer.

The Dein of Agbor kingdom, HRM Dr Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekuzi1 and the Obi of Owa, HRM Dr Emmanuel Efeizomor 11, were described in the book as men of many firsts as well as other notable giants in Ika land, who have carved niches for themselves in their chosen life endeavors, including the Chief of Defense Staff, General Lucky Irabor, Mrs Priscilla Eleje of Central Bank of Nigeria, Most Rev’d Nicholas Okoh of Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Nduka Obaigbena of Thisday Newspaper and Prof Linus Ajabor, were highlighted in the book.

Chief Etumuse, explained that there was the need for Ika Sons and Daughters who have set records in various fields and the very firsts from the nation to be credited with such achievements.He said the book intends to recognize and honour these persons for their great accomplishments as well as to appreciate them for their extraordinary and bold achievements in the prism of historical perspective.

The authors maintained that the unprecedented recorded feats and chains of important events had promoted the good image of Ika nation, and impacted positively on the generality of the people.Chief Etumuse equally noted that the book conveys an inspirational message on history and principles that are applicable in the lives of those who can serve as mentors to millions of younger generations on how to succeed.

These principles according to the author, are devotion to knowledge, commitment to excellence and courage to dare in areas where others fear, stressing that he had to venture into such aspects that had been neglected in Ika Nation.

He disclosed that the second edition of the book will be published in due course as there were still many great first achievers in Ika nation that are yet to be unveiled.

Chairman of the event, a Professor of Physiology, University of Benin, Professor Leonard Obika, said Chief Etumuse had contributed so much to inspiring others, particularly the people of Ika nation with the compilation of the book.

Prof Obika emphasized the need for all to cultivate the culture of reading, urging Ika Sons and Daughters to acknowledge and appreciate the book that was painstakingly put together by two of their own, saying that the book would serve as a historical fiction and for academic purposes.The Rector of Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku, Prof. (Mrs) Stella Chiemeke who reviewed the book, highlighted its impacts to Ika nation and the society in general, saying that the book is a clarion call for even generations unborn to strive for excellence.

She said the work chronicled Ika historical events and housed over two hundred Ika Sons and Daughters identified as first achievers in their chosen careers with forty of them dead while others are living legends that have made Ika nation proud.Prof Chiemeke pointed out that the book could be obtained in both soft and hard copies, disclosing that the compilation took the author and his team two years of field work before it was completed.

The academia who also made the list of the Ika first as the first Ika Professor of Computer Science, called on others to emulate the author in contributing to the growth and development of Ika nation, even as she pointed out that being Ika first achiever called for greater responsibility.The Obi of Igbodo Kingdom, HRM Barr. Ikechukwu Osedume 1, who led other special guests to unveil the book, said the journey by the author in building one of Ika ethnic nationality’s most iconic enterprise is an encouragement to other citizens.

Obi Osedume stated that the book is expected to preserve the history, heritage, culture and tradition of Ika people given the fact that many of Ika origin don’t know their root, culture and tradition.He maintained that the book would help to educate, inspire and motivate others to advance the interest of Ika Nation.

The Igbodo monarch explained that the author who incidentally is one of his subjects, had always impressed him by his many feats especially with the publication of the book, despite the daunting challenges that the team might had encountered during field work.He added that Chief Ika Etumuse possesses many qualities worthy of emulation.

Others who spoke, including the President, Prime League of Nigeria, Mr Alex Onyeagwu, Chief Elder John Ehikwe, Chief Ifieoha Azikiwe and Mr Bright Ndidi, also paid glowing tributes to the author of the book for the initiative and for a good work done in chronicling the landmark records of many illustrious sons and daughters of Ika nation both living and dead.They called for greater unity in Ika land and for peace and sustainable development.
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Ika News: Ika Etumuse Unveils First Achievers in A 245 Page Book

Present Your Bodies As Living Sacrifice To God

Calvary greetings to everyone in Jesus Christ Mighty Name, Amen.I want to teach on the message titled “Present Your Bodies A Living Sacrifice To God”. I picked the topic from the book of Romans 12:1, which says “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service”. Once you are a Christian you have to present your body to God as a living sacrifice. It means that you must totally surrender to God as a believer so that you can withstand the troubles and demons of this world. You must know that when you submit your flesh to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, God is the one that is going to fight your battles because the warfare that we are fighting is not carnal not by the use of gun, we are fighting the wicked powers of this world, in the river, in the sea, in the cemetery, etc, it means we are fighting the evil powers of this world. Until you submit and surrender completely to God before He can fight for you, but if you don’t submit to God, the devil will rule your flesh and there will be difficulties wherever you are, that is why in the book of Romans, Paul admonished the Romans to totally submit themselves to God as a wife submit totally to her husband. That is how Born Again Christians should behave to God, because if you don’t submit totally you will not be Born Again and the troubles of this world will not leave you.Some people think that what makes them a Christian or Born Again is by carrying Bible to the Church, not at all, until Jesus begins to rule all your affairs, rule your thoughts and imagination, rule your actions and rule your decision, then He will become an instrument to pull down the strongholds of Satan, according to the word of God in the book of Second Corinthians 10:4, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds”. Without you submitting to God the weapon to fight carnality and to fight the devil will not stand in your life. For when you submit God takes over your thoughts and imagination, God will now fight against everything that will not allow you to dwell in the knowledge of God. God will now loose you from all the captivities that accompanies sin, that is what it means to submit your body to God as a living sacrifice. Most persons don’t know that to submit themselves to God is what is referred to as being Born Again and not to just carry the Bible to Church.

When you submit yourself to God as a living sacrifice the good spirit of God that is more powerful than the evil spirit of Satan will be in control of your daily life, that is when you now have peace and joy, as written in the book of Hebrews 10:20, “By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh”. Jesus died for us to make us to be new in ideas, in dealings, in any way that we are performing our business, our talk, our work, Jesus will be involved in them, if you are a farmer Jesus will be involved in it, if you are a trader you will see Jesus in your trading, that is what the above passage is saying, “Present your bodies to him as a living sacrifice.

We must learn how to present our bodies to God as a living sacrifice. We want to thank Him for dying for us, Christ coming to die for us at the Cross of Calvary has taken us to Newness of life. When we say Newness of life we mean doing things that are right, that is why the book of St. John 10:9 says “I am the door : by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture”. The passage clarify to us that Jesus is the door of life, it is through the door that you pass to enter into every house, and Jesus said when you enter into Him you are saved and not only that you are saved, He will be responsible for your going out and your coming in, which means that your going out to do business, your going out to preach the gospel, your going out to do any type of thing, you will always have Jesus Christ as your escort and pilot. The word you will find Pasture, means that you will find peace, contentment, comfort and your heart will not be troubled as the world is troubled today, Just as the current happenings around us, where you see people dying, properties being destroyed, such will not be your portion. By the grace of God, Jesus Christ is the door, when you follow Christ your life will be saved, the saved here means that you must be a child of God indeed, that is the meaning of giving your life completely to God. So, for you to enjoy Christ you must submit totally to God, you must be someone who does not worship idol, a person who does not commit fornication, a man who does not go into all those abnormalities and worldliness, when you go through the book of St. John 14:6, “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life : no man cometh unto the father, but by me”, Jesus said I am the way, what is the way? It means the way of life that carries peace. Jesus says I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life, that is why the life in Jesus Christ does not carry calamity, disappointment, poverty, sickness, death, stealing, fornication and diseases like the dreaded COVID-19 virus.

A genuine Christian does not tie mouth, since the outbreak of the virus I haven’t tied my mouth and I will not tie my mouth because Jesus Christ has taken away all my sickness, for He said at the Cross of Calvary that by His stripes we are saved and that is why he said in the book of Isaiah 33:24, “And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick : the people that dwell therein shall be forgiven their iniquity”.

When you are in the camp of Satan what you see is hypertension, diabetes, chronic headache, malaria and you will be full of diseases. But when Jesus Christ is inside you He will swallow up all those sicknesses, that is why i am teaching on presenting your body as a living sacrifice, it symbolizes that when you are of Christ you are saved from all the embarrassment that is associated with diseases. Jesus Christ said “I am the way, the truth and the life”, you need to know that this three things are very important, the way, the truth and the life. Life is what makes a man to be happy, truth makes a man to be happy, the way you follow, that you don’t encounter trouble, you are not in Police net, nobody accuse you of any wrong doings that defiles man, invariably it means that you are in the midst of enjoyment. So the Pasture which Jesus Christ said that you will find in Him and dwell in comfort, is a reality. This is what Christians should be highly committed to in achieving, so that the blessings which God promised Abraham will be theirs, because God promised Abraham that He will bless him and bless his children, as written in the book of Genesis 12:1-3, which says “Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will show thee : And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great, and thou shalt be a blessing : And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee : and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed”. That is the highest blessing and Abraham merited it, we are the offspring of Abraham and we need to catch this blessing by living a holy life and submitting to God by forsaking idol worshipping, occultism and secret societies.

Being involved in such satanic societies will bring doom, shame and disgrace to their members. Today, you will discover that most of these societies have faded away, Ogboni society have faded away. Occultism and other secret societies are witchcraft that does not favour their members, check all the notable personalities that belongs to all these societies such as the Presidents, Governors, etc, presently they have no life they are down with sickness and diseases and they don’t last, any person who leaves the temple of God will never last. I urge everyone to pick up their Bible and study it thoroughly and live a holy life, so that as an individual your life will not be marred with pain and difficulties. Thank you.

For people who need counseling and those who want to be part of sponsoring this Ministration, they can contact the Prophet of God through this Phone Number : 08037452147.

Prophet Joseph Igbodo, is the General Overseer of Divine Faith Evangelical Mission International, he is also the Proprietor of Job Orphanage Home and the Proprietor of St. Stephen Trust Widows Home, all in Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.
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Ika News: Present Your Bodies As Living Sacrifice To God

Igbodo Gets Anti-Cult Office

The Commandant, State Anti- Cult Unit SACU, Delta State Police Command, Superintendent Chris Igbaji has charged the members of the state Anti Cult Group in Igbodo, Ika North East local Government Area of the State not use the authority given to them to get involved in illicit activities when it comes to community policing.

Superintendent Igbaji gave the charge in Igbodo on Sunday, April 4, 2021 when officially inaugurating the State Anti-Cult office in the area. He advised members of the group to help complement the efforts of the Nigeria Police Force through the provision of adequate information in order to record success in the fight against crime and securing lives and property of people in the area, as no community, he said could achieve great success in an environment riddled with criminality.

According to the state Anti-Cult Unit Commander, the group should see themselves as a volunteer group that is ready to make sacrifice by helping the police division in the area to achieve a crime free environment in the community. SP Igbaji warned members not to allow themselves to be used as bad instruments in the hands people particularly politicians in the area to intimidate members of the public.SP Igbaji also used the occasion to solicit the total cooperation of the entire people of Igbodo Community to assist the Anti-Cult Group. He said doing this will help them to achieve success in combating criminality across the community.

Responding, the Chairman of the State Anti cult Group in Igbodo, Mr Uche Nwahandi Eboma thanked SP Igbaji and his team for the visit to the community, adding that the inauguration of the Anti-Cult office in the area would assist the operation of the group in rendering good service to the people of Igbodo Community, as no security group can effectively function without an office.

Mr. Eboma who is also the Commander of the Anti-Cult Group in the Agbor Area Command, promised that the Anti-Cult group in Igbodo would do their best to assist the Nigeria Police to beef up security in the area.He used the occasion to advise people resident in the area to stay away from crime and support them to ensure the security of life and property in the area.

In addition, Eboma specially thanked the Monarch of Igbodo kingdom, HRM Obi (Barr.) Ikechukwu Nkeobikwu Osadume 1, the Delta State Governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, the member representing Ika nation at the Federal House of Representative, Hon. Victor Nwokolo, members of Igbodo Community Ilabor Branch in UK led by Chief Uzum, the Community PG, Deacon Mathew Okwajie, American based Ucheka Odima, Ukwale Lucky and everyone in the community that has positively supported the work of the Anti-Cult group in Igbodo.

Mr Eboma displaying some of their security gadgets

Some members of Igbodo Anti-Cult group
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Ika News: Igbodo Gets Anti-Cult Office

UNIDEL to commence academic session September 2021

UNIDEL to commence academic session September 2021–Okowa

The Executive Governor of Delta State, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, has stated that the University of Delta, Agbor among two other newly upgraded universities in the state, will commence academic session in September, 2021.

He made the disclosure on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at the College of Education, Agbor newly upgraded to University of Delta, Agbor where he inspected the infrastructures on ground for the initial take-off of the new university.

The articulate and dynamic governor was conducted round the school facilities by the College Provost, Chief Dr. Joseph Ukadike who was joined by the Commissioner for Higher Education, Prof. Patrick Muoboghare, Hon. Festus Chukwuyem Okoh, Member representing Ika South Constituency and Majority Whip at the Delta State, Hon. Sunny Tatabuzogwu, Executive Chairman of Ika South Local Government Council amongst others.

The governor who had also visited other new universities in Ozoro and Anwai respectively, expressed satisfactory on seeing the infrastructures on ground in Agbor, nothing that the University was ready to take off with it’s first academic session which according to him commences on the aforementioned date.

He said, “the facilities are good enough for the initial take off of the universities. But we may need to work on some of the structures to make them more habitable and also provide a few more facilities.

“So, in terms of infrastructures, we are not going to have any problem here in UNIDEL, Agbor while we have requested the Management Committee to look at the staff strength and quickly advice on fair review on addition of staff that are here to fit into the university.

“Secondly, we have seen that there is a road (Board road) that transverse the UNIDEL campus which is not good for us. Luckily we just finished the construction of Alihami road (Sakpomba road) that is actually the real road for and within the campus of the university.”

Speaking on the need for more space for the university, Governor Okowa asserted that Erigbe Primary School and Ministry of Education, Ika South LGA that are sharing boundaries with the university (College of Education, Old site) will be relocated to accommodate more infrastructures for the new university.

See next week edition for the seperate comments of the Commissioner for Higher Education, Prof. Patrick Muoboghare, Ika South House of Assembly member, Hon. Festus Okoh and The College Provost, Chief Dr. Joseph Ukadike, at the occasion.

Ongoing construction work at the New Site of the school

, Prof. Muoboghara explaining a point as Governor Okowa & other government officials listened

From right: Hon Tatabuzogwu, Dr Mrs. Omumu, Prof. Muoboghara, Dr. Ukadike, Chuky Dandy, Dr. Tibi & others
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Ika News: UNIDEL to commence academic session September 2021



The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity is the best known Secret Society in Ika. Its members are drawn from all walks of life, and they are found in every part of Ikaland. The membership of the society is for life. A respondent said that the number of members has been thin until about the 1980’s when the number snowballed. Many people, especially males started to patronize the cult about this time. Some men joined with their wives. The society, according to the respondent exercises a form of social control by laying down certain rules of conduct for its members and prescribing certain forms of behaviours which are considered unworthy of a member. The cult takes active interest in what goes on in Ika society. In other words, he said that the Society seeks for the welfare of not only the members, but also of the community in its doings. “We are co-workers and seek progress of, man”, he said.

An initiate into the Society pays a heavy initiation fee which is shared according to a laid down custom among the members. In effect, the cult serves as mutual insurance, enabling the socially ambitious to invest the savings he accumulated in his youth while guaranteeing him continued economic support and prestige during his old age. Another respondent informed this writer that it is their tradition to assist their fellow members. The membership of the Society is helpful. It provides assistance in troubled times. If a member is wrongly punished, or if he lacks anything, brethren will rally around him. Again if a member is wrongly punished or afflicted, it is normally the duty of the members to collectively ensure that the person is not arraigned. And thirdly, members are always favourably disposed to helping each other first before helping a non-member. And of course, members provide necessary funds for the successful prosecution of the business of the Fraternity, the respondent said.

One other important function of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity is the burial of its members. Usually, the group takes complete charge from the digging of the grave to the dressing of the corpse of a member who fulfilled the Society’s rules before his demise. Just before the interment, non-members, including the relations of the deceased are prevented from seeing the corpse. This has given rise to speculations that parts of deceased members’ bodies are tempered with before they are interred. But this was vehemently denied. “It is entrenched in our constitution that members should see to the mortal remains of any deceased member by providing coffin, or financial assistance up to a reasonable cost, and to give his or her remains a decent deposit in the bosom of the mother earth. And we do this in the presence of the family of the deceased brethren”. “If what they are accusing us of is the oath that we take before being initiated, all state governments have their way of swearing to oaths, all top civil servants also do. What their problem is, is that we don’t allow the non-initiates to witness all that we do. Such things are practised in the Churches. Mosques do it too. All societies including government have their constitutional rights to choose venues and mode of their meetings”, a respondent said.The Society gives its members elaborate and expensive burial which perhaps, accounts for the popularity of the Society in Ika nowadays since burials are becoming highly celebrated affairs.

Social ClubsA more recent phenomenon is the development of Social Clubs or Associations all over Ikaland. Unlike secret Societies, Clubs are social groupings consisting of a number of persons whose relationships are based upon a set of interrelated roles and statuses. They interact with one another in a more, or less standardized fashion, determined by the norms and a standard acceptable by the members. They are united and held together to a greater or lesser extent by a sense of common identity, or a similarity of interest which enables them to differentiate members from non-members. The memberships of a Social Club often cut across towns, villages, age and sex boundaries. The Clubs ensure social security for their members both in material and social terms. Their system of contributions and benefits is carefully spelt out; thus members know beforehand, exactly what to expect. The affairs of the Clubs are conducted in the open, and they have none of the mysteries and suspicious ritual characteristics of the Secret Societies. In some moment of crises, the members receive not only material benefits, but also solace and companionship.

Some Clubs are registered under the Land Perpetual Succession Act (cap. 98) by the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs. Some are registered under the State Ministry of Social Welfare. The Clubs are usually open to anyone who can afford the entry fees and meet up with the other demands. In exercising their insurance functions, they provide members with protection from the hardship caused by death and other disasters. They arrange befitting burial ceremonies for their deceased members, and pay out money to support their dependants. The Social Clubs have their codes of conduct apart from their constitutions. Prominent in such codes are the stipulations that members should show kindness to one another, and that member must not behave in any manner that will disgrace the Club and its members. To be continued…

08033866719Chief (Dr.) Onyekpeze JP
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Chuky Dandy escapes kidnap in Agbor

A serving lawmaker at the Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Festus Chukwuyem Okoh, well known as, Chuky Dandy, narrowly escaped kidnap in Agbor on Sunday evening, March 27, 2021.

He was attacked by suspected Fulani heldsmen that laid ambush close to the railway along the Benin/Asaba expressway on the aforementioned date.

An eye witness account disclosed that the heavily armed bandits mission was foiled as the fierce lawmaker representing Ika South Constituency and the Majority Whip of the 7th Assembly ordered his security men to engage the bandits in gun reprisal.

Fortunately, men of the Nigeria Police force who were at a check-point few meters away from the scene of the attack, showed gallantry as they swiftly moved into action and consequently, overpowered the bandits.Unfortunately, the bandits escaped into the bush leading to Mbiri axis, adopting two females whose vehicle unfortunately ran into them and leaving an elderly man in the same car with bullet injury.

Meanwhile, the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Agbor Police Headquarters, CSP Rex Enweliku, in a spontaneous response led his team and other members of the local security groups which include Agbor Gha-Ihun, Anti-Cult Volunteer group both in Ika South and Ika North-East LGA, respectively to comb the bush through which the kidnapers had escaped.

As at the time of filling this report, two Fulani suspects were arrested and are in the police custody for further investigation while the injured was taking to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Chuky Dandy making calls at the scene of the incident
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Ika News: Chuky Dandy escapes kidnap in Agbor

God And Man

Calvary greetings to everyone in Jesus Christ Mighty Name, Amen.

I want to teach on the message titled “God And Man”. God call us my Son, this word of God is taken from the book of Proverbs 4:20, which says “My Son, attend to my words, incline thine ear unto my sayings”. Solomon was the son of David and David gave Solomon an instruction concerning God, who God is and how he can survive, emphasizing that what will make him to reign as an excellent king is when God is available to him 24 hours day and night. He instructed him, ‘My Son attend to my word’, it is rather unfortunate that people left the Bible. The Bible is the word of God that will enrich you and make you become somebody on earth, that is why God told Solomon, ‘My word will prosper you’, and further instructed him not to depart from it, saying “This word that I have spoken let your eyes be fixed to it”. The meaning of the eyes in the above instruction is that you should search the scriptures, study what I said, keep them in the midst of your heart, for if you keep it in the midst of your heart, as written in the book of Proverbs 4:21, then the word of God will now prosper you.

People are looking for where there is no God, what will prosper you is the word of God. When you know the word of God, what God said concerning you and you house it in your heart you will prosper. Verse 22 says “For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh”, the passage says that when you carry the word of God and start making use of it in your daily life, one major assurance is that God will give you life, What is the life? The life that carries joy, the life that carries good health. Let me inform you, when you claim to believe in God and you are running after women, sickness will locate you, disgrace will locate you, your strength and true spirit will be adulterated, above all you will be denied of prosperity, but when you put the word of God in your heart into action and live a Christ life you will get good health.

A man that commits fornication and adultery will eat poison, he will fall into the hand of Ogbanje, Olokun and Mamie water, he will run out of money, he will run out of personality, he will run into disgrace, he will not know the time that he will go and start chasing peoples wives. That is why the word of God will tell you what to do and what not to do regarding everything that God forbids.

Verse 23 of Proverbs Chapter 4 says “Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life”, the passage says Keep your heart on the word of God, that is why God told Joshua, ‘This word of God meditate on it day and night so that you will have good success, that is what God told Joshua in his calling.

So when you want to have a better understanding of how you can live a comfortable and diligent life, a life that carries respect, a life that is beautiful, a life that will yield you wisdom and a life that will make you productive in the things of God, you must be someone who search the scriptures and practice the word of God. Verse 24 of the same Chapter says “Put away from thee a froward mouth, and perverse lips put far from thee”. God is telling you that you should not speak the language of evil, that you should not talk like the unbelievers, but to always let good words proceed out of your mouth. Verse 25 says “Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee”, what the verse is saying is that when you see a woman naked or when you see an evil person dressed criminally, you don’t need to look at such things, instead let your eyes look right on, the right on there means Wisdom, because Wisdom is by the right. Look at the word of God and meditate upon what the word says, While in Verse 26, it says “Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established”, there is a way, there is a path, there is an outing a Christian need to attend, we don’t need to see a Native doctor celebrating his birthday and a Christian will go for such occasion, No, the journey you embark upon should be a journey that is clean. Let all thy ways be established, you must do things the way that God needs us to do it.Verse 27 says “Turn not to the right hand nor to the left : remove thy foot from evil”, this place is telling us that as Christians we must not aide evil and must not work in evil.

According to the book of Proverbs 4:9, if you obey the word of God and live by it, it will bring an ornament of grace upon your head and you will get a crown of glory. Those who serve God righteously will live a decent life, they will have a decent mouth, a decent tongue, everything you do will always be beautiful and you will have a reward.

When God was with Solomon, during the visit of Queen Sheba, she was marveled at how King Solomon constructed his buildings and everything within the environment looked so beautiful and captivating, She told the people that were with King Solomon that God was with Solomon, that they don’t know what they are enjoying.

If you are a Christian your talk, your doings, the car you drive, God will affect it, the food you eat and anything that you are involved in, you will see the beauty of God in it. That is why you have to examine yourself and go to the area where you can get the glory of God. When the glory of God was with Moses, when he came down from the mountain where he went for his forty days fasting and prayer, the people that were there saw the glory of God around him.

Today, how many of us who professes that we are Christians can people look upon and see the glory, the presence and the goodness of God in their lives?

Again, the response of some so called Christians to questions which they are being asked is quite unfortunate. Any Christian who responds that ‘We are managing’, when asked ‘How are you?’, is not speaking the language of God, such response is the language of an unbeliever and a language of Satan.

Any person that follows God must lead a decent and beautiful life. So I want to use this medium to enjoin all Christians that we need to make our hands clean, so that the Wisdom of God will come upon our lives, that is the truth, we need to depend on God, we need to follow God, we need to know that God is our source. Many people do not allow the word of God to exalt them, many people do not carry God in their hearts, but they carry money in their hearts, they carry unbelieve in their hearts, which is not supposed to be because the Bible says that Wisdom is the Principal thing. What is Wisdom? Wisdom is the word of God, because the word of God does not fail, the word of God is Spiritual and Physical.

This is why I want to let everyone know this week that we need to attend to the will of God so that we can prosper. Knowing that for you to prosper as an individual is in the word of God.

That is why God is telling us to exalt her, I urge you to study the word of God house it in your heart and love it.Many people don’t have love for the word of God. I want you to get this clear that when you love God you practice what is good and run away from evil.

Imagine a situation where people wake up and begin to talk of Nigeria being Jaga Jaga, what you are seeing in Nigeria did not start today, it has been there for a very long time, so it is in some other countries of the world. Evil have been there right from onset, but for those of us who follow God, we will enjoy the presence of God, for God has assured His children that when things are hard and difficult they will be rejoicing, because God is there to make a way where there is no way for us.

So let us build our Faith on the word of God, the word of God is there waiting for you to use, when you use it, you will have a comfortable life.This is why I want everyone to know that every believer has a reward, because God is not selfish. Please do not follow the world, your automobile car is not an achievement, the house you built is not an achievement, but Jesus Christ is your achievement.

Personally, my achievement is the Cross of Calvary, my qualification is the Cross of Calvary, my qualification is the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world, my qualification is that God have dealt with Satan and put Satan under my feet. Some people do not see God as Over comer, they don’t see God as He has done it for us. You need to understand that God has already fought the battle for us and now is the time for us all to enjoy the euphoria of the victory.

I want to bless God for your life and to let you know that God charged us to attend to His word, because the word of God will prosper you, the word of God will cleanse you, the word of God will make you to be a wise man, woman, boy or girl, this is what happened to Timothy.Please I want to use this medium to urge the Pastors to spend quality time in teaching their congregation.

The Sunday School should not be given to an unbeliever, people who live outside righteousness to handle, You need to spend quality time during the Sunday School at least One hour in teaching them the Bible, while the message should take at least Thirty minutes, so that the people will understand and know who God is.

Many people do not know the capacity of God, the greatness of God, the power of God, the God that divided the red sea, the God that makes the dry bones to come back to life.

Almighty God is our hope, He changes time and season, He gave names to people, He breathes life on people, some persons don’t know that God can breathe on them. When you read the book of St. John 20:21, God breathed on the disciples. God can breathe on you and the dry bones in your life will disappear.

I enjoin everyone to allow God the opportunity to breathe on them, because when God breathes on you, your life will begin to flourish and bear fruit according to His word. God wants to see you prosper exceedingly. God wants us to sell His name to the unbelievers so that they can come and join us to drink the living water. Thank you.For people who need counseling and those who want to be part of sponsoring this Ministration, they can contact the Prophet of God through this Phone Number : 08037452147.

Prophet Joseph Igbodo, is the General Overseer of Divine Faith Evangelical Mission International, he is also the Proprietor of Job Orphanage Home and the Proprietor of St. Stephen Trust Widows Home, all in Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.
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Ika News: God And Man