Misconception of Valentine’s Day at Agbor as witnessed

This year’s Valentine’s Day,February 14th,really showed the misconception of some people about it. Most persons see Valentine’s Day as a day of exhibiting immoral act and promiscuity because of that tag, ‘ Lovers’ Day. In fact, Valentine is supposed to be a day of sharing and giving of gift to loved ones and well wishers.As early as 12 noon, warming up of the occasion had began. And it happened to be on Sunday, most churches had closed. Some youths who could not afford the high cost of beer were busy milling to various palm wine depots,with containers in their hands as if their lives depend on collecting palm wine.

With flour of wine and anything drinkable it became the order of the day, going to open field shows, afternoon jumps. Really it was quite splendid.However, depending on the way you play your card-the ball was already in your court for the girls were there on ‘FOC’ basis,from sweet sixteen to sugar mummy..

I was opportuned to be a guest to a good friend at Alihame where most students of College of Education Agbor, Agbor reside.It happened that my friend organized one of such gatherings at his place and I was privileged to pen down most of the activities. The party was well dominated by bevy of ladies. There were different activities, some of these girls were plumpy cheeky types putting on mini skirts.

It was so excited. A pretty possessive bitch tried to draw my attention but I had to hurry off to Agbor-Obi. As I alighted from the bike. I walked briskly to Mr Chop-Life Place. A friend of mine calibre then knocked gently on the door and pushed it open.Wow!Mr Chop-Life and two beautiful girls were lying loosely in the bed stark naked and empty bottles of beer on the floor.they were all as naked as the day nature created them.Mr Chop Life Time was in the center, all dozed off.in fact they were in a full paradise a complete stage cosmic world.

See them,I walked closer to the bed and stood at Akimbo pouring out watery smiles flowed by.I looked at this wonderful people in our wonderful world. What surprised me most was the girl by the wall side of the bed, she could not be more than 18 to 20 years of aga. Her succulent breast stood errect pointing to the ceiling and forming angle 90 to the chest.I forcefully typed on Mr Chop-Life life to wake him up.He did woke up instantly, held his manly’weapon’with his left hand and using his right hand in striking the two girls,waking them up.These girls woke up and remained unruffled staring at me.
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Ika News: Misconception of Valentine’s Day at Agbor as witnessed