Nigeria has a very fertile soil.Am 100 percent sure of it.

Also Nigeria is divided into States and the States have Local Governments.There is one State that has Delta as its name, and this State has a town named Agbor under Ika South Local Government Area.Just opposite a Street- Dr. Whyte by Express –that express is one of the trunk A Roads we have in Nigeria.

There lays a Street named Ewere Okonta Avenue.The road to that Street is very bad, that if you are coming, bring a towing van along with you to tow your own car at the entrance of that Street that is if the towing van does not get stuck before you reach the junction.There is no electricity in that Street.

In that Street, the fourth house on your right hand side is where I live.A Toyota Highlander is always parked in that compound. The compound is not fenced.But anytime I step my leg, there is something that always catches my attention.

Although, I have been living there for over nine years of my life, but it just keeps drawing my attention.Do you know what that is?Now find out……………………….

THERE IS ONE BEAUTIFUL SMALL PLANT INSIDE.Do I even call it a plant…? No.IT IS A TREEE, ALTHOUGH A SMALL ONE.“IT IS A GUAVA TREE.”There are two guava trees in that compound; a tall one and small one.But then, it is the small one that catches my attention.Probably because am small.When it was still at a small stage growing, I never liked the guava.It had a skinny stem, and I could see the ugly roots.Not only that, it did not give me shade like the taller one did.Not that I hated Gods creation, but it just looked so miserable.Poor guava……

How I wish I knew it was going to be this beautiful…But now, I see its root, they are rigid, its stems are pompous and it leaves are evergreen.

Not to talk of its fruit, it is firm to touch with red insides, and its taste, I cannot explain.And today, just like every other day, I step into the compound, and it smiles at me……………………No condition is permanent.

©Nma Ewere.

Nma Ewere
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