Strange dog carted away Xmas chicken

True to life story

The people of Ogbe-Ofu, Ogwashi-Uku in Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State, were dumbfounded and astonished as a strange fierce looking dog carted away Christmas chicken.An eyewitness stated that Mr. Ndubuisi a father of four was about to dissect his Christmas chicken having removed it’s feathers when suddenly a strange fierce looking dark dog charged in and carted away the Xmas chicken and speed off.

It was really a surprise happening. It drew crowd of people that other families who were busy preparing their Christmas chickens had to keep guard holding sticks ‘should case’…The vigilante men were not left out; they immediately mobilized themselves on guard. The incident may seem funny but come to think of it at this time of global economic meltdown vis-a-vis Nigeria neck down in recession, anything goes.

It’s likely as some of the people believed and we’re saying my source further gathered that the strange dog was not ordinary dog but human being turned into dog to have chicken for Christmas stew.As Mr. Ndubuisi and his family were so confused not knowing what to do and as they were in this state of dilemma, a man in a car stopped having heard of what happened and was so sympathetic that he brought out Seven Thousand Naira (#7,000) and gave to Ndubuisi to replace his carted away Xmas chicken. The people around thanked the man for his kind concern.Note!

Please be on the lookout and keep guard when preparing your chicken during this festive season!

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Ika News: Strange dog carted away Xmas chicken