Ochiwar Dialysis And Analysis: Intelligence Is Not A Gene

Did You Know That James Watson, one of the scientists who discovered the helical structure of DNA, believes that stupid is a disease and stupid people should be “CURED ” LIFE is more you learn more you see.Intelligence is not a gene. Scientific are eager to find the gene that will let them make bright babies, but the truth is that, whatever intelligence is, it’s not a gene’s. The intelligence is the most widely priced of all human attributes. It’s our believe that which most clearly distinguishes us from the Animals. We can think about analyses and deliberately change the world nothing else is capable of such facts. Surely therefore, the more intelligence we have the more supremely human we are now. It’s claimed, we shall soon be able to make ourselves more intelligent. The broad finding of a comprehensive report to be published is still going on by the National Institutes of Health, NIH in Washington. The NIH studied the DNA of zoo of the brightest children and found critical genetic difference that could provide, in the word of professor Robert plomin.A leader of the research, a significant sources of prediction for intelligence. So we can be able to take care of stupid babies, identify brilliant children at birth and ultimately with the aid of gene therapy design smarter children. Dr Joe Tsien of Princeton, who involved in isolated a gene that seemed to make mice more intelligent put it in a nutshell, this point to the possibility that enhancement of learning and memory or even IQ is feasible through genetic engineering. The histories of genetic and the measurement of IQ are histories of extravagant since the unraveling of structure of the DNA molecule in 1953, we have been consistently promised astounding new power of intervention in human reproduction and health, since the early 1970’s when scientists discovered how to recombine manipulate DNA, These promises have formed a publicity deluge, Yet not a single person has been cured of anything by gene therapy.

The medical alteration of their DNA , we appear to have found the genetic bases for any serious single gene disorders such as cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy. But the only effective treatment is abortion.The scientific measurement of IQ is a modern obsession inspired by the spread of mass Education for more than hundred(100) years people have been subject to battles of test that aspire to rate their mind on a numerical scale. This has been crudely successful somebody with an IQ at eighties (80) will pass fewer exam’s and end up poorer than somebody with a IQ at one hundred thirty (130). But does this mean IQ is a real faculty of the brain or merely an index of our ability to do well in society?Further more doubts about the consistently of IQ test has been massively increased by the discovery of the fyn effect. James Flynn, applied old IQ test from the 1920’s to modern children. They did incredibly well. Indeed, if IQ test over the years were measuring a consistent quality, then human race was getting smarter at an unbelievable rate.

In reality of course what the Flynn effect showed was that IQ test are specific to the culture in which they are set not objective measurement of intelligence. And yet some people are more intelligent than others and Clever parents do tend to have clever offspring intelligence appear to be real thing and there does seems to be an inherited component. Yet, we do not know other than intuitively, what intelligence is. And although there may well be a large inherited component, there is also certain to be on unquantifiable effect arising from an environment in which its valued.Finally, science is proving that our body’s ability to heal and repair itself is greatly effected by our beliefs , thoughts, emotions and intentions for they have a profound vibrational effect upon our continually modifying genetic codes. We are the programmers of the code DNA activation is our software upgrade.

Anthony Okwue AKA Ochiwar
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