Latest News about artificial intelligence in Retail

Artificial Intelligence it the future of Retail, because everything in the world right now is going totlally degital. When are buy anything in the supermarket, AI is being used to track your goods.

Software systems that can learn to predict purchases. Retail consultant Daniel Burke, of Blick Rothenberg will be using this idea to create products before it enters the market. Ubamarket, a shopping app is one of the growing technologies in the market (Ubamarket app).
Some of the features are:

  1. AI system tracks, which tracks peoples behaviors while paying.
  2. Sends discounts to buyers of products.
  3. News/Sample products, etc
  4. Artificial Intelligence when it come to healthy foods (allergen Alerts,and coronary heart disease risk).
  5. Allows you to get delivery services.
  6. Scan-and-go technology.

So the next time you buy a product try use Artificial Intelligence to breakdown your choices.