2sec Onyisi and Agi

Tell us about yourselves.
We are 2sec (Onyisi and Agi)
We are from a family of five and we hail from Onitcha Ugbo, Delta State

How was growing up for you?
It was a variety of things we had fun , got sad, made mistakes so
Honestly it was good because we were trained in an atmosphere of love which has imbibed it self deep into us.

How did your careers start?
i think professionally it was 2011 we recorded Lamborghini received love for it and we kept on pushing.

Tell us about your relationship life.
I’m assuming relationship with God that one is ten over ten.

Who are your role models?
Tubaba, fela,Jay z, Kanye West

Do you write most songs yourselves?
Of course yes.

How do you juggle your family time with your careers?
The major thing is that we have support from family so we don’t juggle they exist together.

If you didnt get into entertainment what you have done?
Its a thing of passion because no other field would be this fufiling.

How do you relax when you aint working?
Ill answer that question on the day i rest because its always work time.

Whats you source of inspiration?
Anything and everything generally life, Our surroundings and our experiences we love to take people down our memory lane.

What artists would you want to work with?
Kanye west, the weeknd,2baba,reminisce etc

What attributes do you feel helped your rise to the fame
Hardwork,patience and the almighty God

What project are you guys currently working right now?
Its all meant to be a surprise but its going to be crazy but first we are going to drop the follow up to our hit single follow me solo

Do you ever think guys would breakup or go solo like psquare?
Thats improbable.

Whats your relationship with psquare?
We respect them and acknowledge their massive impact in the industry.

How do you finance your trips?
We are independent artists under no label for now so its been inhouse,personal funding.

How do you girlfriends differentiate you guys because you are too identical?
Most times when necessary we help differentiate but generally when you stick around long enough you know.

Have you guys ever had a fight about girls before?
Don’t think so but I know girls have fought over us before and we are ugly like this.

 What are your hobbies?
Writing, interacting also
The learning experience is fascinating so we just love to learn new things in various fields.

As youths from Delta what’s the advice you could give upcoming artists?
Just keep working hard and regardless of any setbacks hang on steadfast to what you want to achieve and it is yours.

Do you have any plans for your state as regards entertainment?
Definitely, because you guys always show us love so reciprocating is a must.