Words On The Marble

“Nigeria now free of wild polio virus; thanks to Rotary Club and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”.

“Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s administration is taking deliberate steps in ensuring quick recovery of the economy, post COVID-19, such as the budget review, and other viable measures. The present administration’s drive to attract investors was yielding positive results especially in the creative industry and the Agricultural sector.”

–Tony Elekeokwuri, member representing Ika North East at the Delta State House of Assembly

“LIFE IS A SCHOOLLife is a school where only the determined and the very hardworking students succeed. In this school of life, the good students come across failures, bumps and sometimes sinking sands; they come across marginalization, oppressions and victimizations. They are sometimes cheated, shortchanged, chained and abused, but they refuse to fail. They fight all the negative forces in order to succeed and sometimes it can be a real battle but because they are adequately armed with determination, courage and faith, they conquered and rise above the obstacles and pull themselves from the sinking sands and become courageous conquerors. Having conquered, they end up succeeding exceedingly, laughing laud at all the negative forces that dared them. Conversely, the bad students rather than learn to frustrate the above negative factors become the frustrated and remain failures and spend their lives blaming the systems and mankind. Sometimes they blame God who in his infinite mercy has given all mankind what they need to succeed to some extent.Be the good student, fight your fight and grab your fortune. Be the one to dare failure and have a good laugh at its deceptions, disappointments, and marginalization.Be a valiant and a victor!Be a winner!Be an inspiration!Don’t ever give up!If you lack what it takes, seek help from those who dared failure and eventually succeeded”.

–Lucy Jonah

“Show me the heroes that the youths of your country look up to, and I will tell you the future of your country. Your pride for your country should not come after your country becomes great; your country becomesgreat because of your pride in it. What is your pride in Nigeria?

–Smart Ajaja

Dr Donald Peterson Weekly Inspirational Nuggets:“Let us distinguish people by their virtue. More than anything, let us strive to be the citizens that the Nation desperately needs today and tomorrow”

Dr Donald Peterson

“Nigeria and Nigerians seem to belong to another planet where only evil doers get whatever they want and get away with whatever crimes committed.”

–Mr. John Akugbe speaking on the state of the nation.

“Sometimes, it makes more sense taking off the fake people around your life.Keep to your vision, take them off, they are negative and bad energy to your success”.—-Tony Emeke Odoe

“Our society died long ago when we started mocking the honest worker and began praising crooks”.

–Engr Smart Ikem, Executive Secretary, Delta State Technical Education Board.

“Effective security is very important in any given society. A secured society is a progressive society. We cannot do without security; hence, it is mandatory for all Landlords/Landladies irrespective of your status to be part of any security network in your area. If there is a good synergy between vigilante members and Landlords/Landladies better results will be achieved on security. For us to achieve the plan of paying monthly stipends to our vigilante members, we (Landlords/ Landladies) must play effective roles in areas where we live. Any Landlord or Landlady who is not part of the security network in his or her area should be prosecuted by the police. Whoever is not part of the efforts to secure our community should be sanctioned.”

–Comrade Clement Ebie
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