Rotn Emelue marks 35 years in Rotary Club of Agbor

Rotn. Emelue Henry Uche the Proprietor of Leads Guest House has marked 35 years anniversary as a Rotarian who has rendered selfless services to the people as he celebrated amidst jubilation.Rotn Henry Emelue went down memory lane on his journey as a Rotarian and founding member of the Rotary Club of Agbor.According to him, the journey started in 1984-85, 2020-2021. ” If I should say or narrate all my experiences in rotary for this 35 years period starting from my induction, attending weekly fellowships, district conferences, seminars/workshop, project commissioning, international conventions, clubs and district installations and others which I cannot mention, it may take the whole day. I will just simply say for the sake of time that ROTARY IS GOOD”.Again, he shared some propelling factors that made him to endure and sustain his membership till date, stating that there were two folds that centred on his life which was service to God and to Humanity, adding that whatever you propel your mind to do you must fully accept the consequences that follows, the 3’T; the Test, Trials and Tribulations of life.He maintained that to achieve success in life one must apply the mantra of the 3C’s which he says are Consistency, Credibility and Continuity.Speaking further, Rotn Emelue pointed that he bulk of his experience was in 1990-1991 when he became the 6th president of the club.In his words, “It was an exciting year of experience with unquantifiable benefits. As a Rotarian, I have learnt how to think, talk and act in all spheres of life. From my experience I realized and concluded that the club is the key for service for without the club, you cannot be a Rotarian”.He urged Rotarians to do all in their power to protect and develop the club for sustainable growth. “This you can do by paying your dues, as at when due, attending weekly club fellowship, participating in rotary activities, inviting quality persons to join rotary in order to increase membership, welcome guest with open arms, be a good team player, appreciate the good work of others and you must be of a good conduct because you are the image of the club”, he added.He advised them to follow their dreams noting that he did exact same thing when he coincidentally became the president of the club for the second time to keep the fire of rotary burning.He revealed that faith, patience and determination if religiously put into practice will yield tremendous achievements.Also, he stated that the club produced the Past District Governor, Rotn. Oladokun Adeyemi with almost 10 Past Assistant Governor’s and Past presidents serving humanity and making waves in the rotary world.“The experiences I have over the years in rotary have helped me tremendously in the areas of my business and community life” he added.He explained that the Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill position which also affected rotary organization.As he quoted from Paul Harris the founder of Rotary, “It is a changing world and we must be prepared to change along with it”.He stated that the pandemic affected the organization in such a way that meetings, seminars, conferences, installations, international conventions were now done in a virtual form, that the situation will make many to lose focus and interest in their service to humanity through rotary.He used the medium to appreciate the president, the founding fathers of the club, many of whom are dead, past presidents, the PDG, Rtn. Oladokun Adeyemi, past Assistant Governors and all Rotarians in particular Rtn. Hetty Ajuebon Egbarin the first female rotarian and president for her immeasurable contributions to the sustenance of the club as he prayed to God to keep them for greater service to humanity.He finally appreciated his friend, of blessed memory, Late Mr. Teddy Odiakose who invited him to join the rotary club.

Rotn. Emelue Henry Uche delivering his speech
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