Lori and Future first sparked a relationship,November 2019 during Future’s 36th birthday party,shortly after Lori allegedly ended a curt fling with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.
As we all know,Lori is Stepdaughter to Steve Harvey and daughter to Majorie Harvey. Lori is just 23 years old and her new found relationship with 36 year old rapper,Future has raised alot of criticism from the public.
You might be wondering why anyone should criticise a relationship, like its their damn life,right? well, i decided to do a little digging and the reasons why i think people are criticising Lori and Future’s relationship are;

  1. Lori always seem to move from one high profile relationship to the next very quickly.
  2. Age differences, 13 years age gap but does it really matter? cos, com’on 20 year old Nollywood Actress,Regina Daniel is married to an over 50 year old man.
  3. Future, also known as the fertility king seems to have a new baby mama every month.

I guess this are the reasons for the criticsms.

Wendy William Popular for her TV shows that talks of celebrities gave her opinion on what she thinks about Lori and Future’s relationship,here is what she had to say
“He has 8 kids with 4 different baby moms! if thats my daughter at 23,I would break her neck,crack her skull and throw her down the steps.And you are not the boss of your kids when they are 23 years old. Lori,what are you doing?Girl,everyone talks about you…..You are so pretty,you dont have to be that girl!”

Well fans of Lori and Future did not take a liking to her comment and they blasted Wendy on social media,calling her out and saying stuffs like Wendy’s ex husband cheated on her for 20 years and even had a full baby on her,so she needs to shut the f*** up. Another called Wendy a pigeon at her big age and described her ass as letter ‘P’ built,haha, geez!sorry Wendy but that was hilarious. There were other sorts of media blasting to Wendy from Lori and Future’s Fans but Wendy Williams being who she is dosent care!

Steve Harvey stays tightlipped towards Lori and Future’s relationship,as every questions thrown at him in regards to his stepdaughter’s relationship remains “I dont know nothing about it”. Although, Majorie Harvey seems to be in support,her I.G birthday post for Lori’s 23rd birthday,seemed like an encouragement.She encouraged Lori to choose the path she wanted for herself and included ‘Life is Good’to the caption which is a reference to Future’s new single featuring drake.