[Music] Wizkid feat Goldgy Samuel_Joro

Wizkid the world’s Star Boy teams up with Goldgy Samuel to deliver on this carefully organised song JORO.

This one is sequel to the first one, and was mixed and mastered by the crafty Bcleff himself!

It is as hot as can be!

Ladies, let’s get d party ROCKING!

https://wazobianigeria.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Wizkid-feat-Goldgy-Samuel_Joro.mp3?_=1 DOWNLOAD MP3

[Music] Goldgy Samuel_Give It To Me prod. MoreFaith

Goldgy Samuel comes out with this new joint titled GIVE IT TO ME.

This comes on the heels of his earlier released bangers making huge waves across borders.

“Baby just back it up on me, u mesmerize me and I don’t mind giving my all to you… ”

This song was produced by MoreFaith.

Click! Stream! Download! Share!

https://wazobianigeria.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/goldgy-giv-it-to-me.mp3?_=2 DOWNLOAD MP3


Goldgy Samuel returns with this one, titled BLESSING YEAR!

The year promises to be one of the best ever, especially as we rock it with this prayerful song!

Help me say AMEN!!!!

Produced by d ever crafty producer himself….. Bcleff!

Download and remain blessed!

https://wazobianigeria.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Goldgy-Samuel_Blessing-Year_prod.-Bcleff.mp3?_=3 DOWNLOAD MP3


Frenzy Fado teams up with Chuvano on this one to deliver this banger EYES ON UR BODY..!

Both artistes bring in their class to make this a wonderful jam, interweaving with smooth melodies that tickles the brain.

Eyes On Your Body was carefully crafted by Bcleff the legendary producer himself!

Download and have a blast…….



Lori and Future first sparked a relationship,November 2019 during Future’s 36th birthday party,shortly after Lori allegedly ended a curt fling with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.
As we all know,Lori is Stepdaughter to Steve Harvey and daughter to Majorie Harvey. Lori is just 23 years old and her new found relationship with 36 year old rapper,Future has raised alot of criticism from the public.
You might be wondering why anyone should criticise a relationship, like its their damn life,right? well, i decided to do a little digging and the reasons why i think people are criticising Lori and Future’s relationship are;

  1. Lori always seem to move from one high profile relationship to the next very quickly.
  2. Age differences, 13 years age gap but does it really matter? cos, com’on 20 year old Nollywood Actress,Regina Daniel is married to an over 50 year old man.
  3. Future, also known as the fertility king seems to have a new baby mama every month.

I guess this are the reasons for the criticsms.

Wendy William Popular for her TV shows that talks of celebrities gave her opinion on what she thinks about Lori and Future’s relationship,here is what she had to say
“He has 8 kids with 4 different baby moms! if thats my daughter at 23,I would break her neck,crack her skull and throw her down the steps.And you are not the boss of your kids when they are 23 years old. Lori,what are you doing?Girl,everyone talks about you…..You are so pretty,you dont have to be that girl!”

Well fans of Lori and Future did not take a liking to her comment and they blasted Wendy on social media,calling her out and saying stuffs like Wendy’s ex husband cheated on her for 20 years and even had a full baby on her,so she needs to shut the f*** up. Another called Wendy a pigeon at her big age and described her ass as letter ‘P’ built,haha, geez!sorry Wendy but that was hilarious. There were other sorts of media blasting to Wendy from Lori and Future’s Fans but Wendy Williams being who she is dosent care!

Steve Harvey stays tightlipped towards Lori and Future’s relationship,as every questions thrown at him in regards to his stepdaughter’s relationship remains “I dont know nothing about it”. Although, Majorie Harvey seems to be in support,her I.G birthday post for Lori’s 23rd birthday,seemed like an encouragement.She encouraged Lori to choose the path she wanted for herself and included ‘Life is Good’to the caption which is a reference to Future’s new single featuring drake.


January 8th,2020 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made an announcement on their website, deciding to dial back their duties as senior members of the British royal family and work to become financially independent. The stress and pressure of royal duties,including the fervent attention of the paparazzi press must have instigated this move.A stepback from the royal family would optimistically help get back some normalcy to the couple’s life. Queen Elizabeth II said she is entirely supportive of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s desire to create a new life as a young couple and so is the Family.
January 18th,2020 Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince Williams agreed to allow Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepback from royal duties on terms that:
*They would no longer be given public money from the sovereign grant,the primary vehicle for financing the royal family’s activities.
*They would lose the HRH title.Although, Harry remains a Prince and sixth-in-line to the throne,retains the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
*They would be stripped of public funding and required to repay $3.1 million of taxpayer’s money spent on renovating their Frogmore Cottage Home near Windsor Castle.
*Prince harry was also forced to give up his military titles including Captain general of the Royal marines and patronages he was awarded after serving 2 tours in Afghanistan as the helicopter pilot with the British Army. He would retain his connection to the Invictus Games, the global sports events for wounded, injured and sick service members that he founded in 2014.
*Prince Harry was also forced to relinquish the title of Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.

January 19th,2020 Prince Harry made his first remark towards Saturday’s Historic agreement,expressing great sadness towards the way he and his wife had to give up their royal titles as part of the separation settlements. He was hoping on serving the Queen,the commonwealth and his military associations without public funding. Prince Harry said he would always have utmost respect for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, saying it has been a great privilege to serve her and would continue leading a life of service. He also appreciated the Queen and the rest of the family for the support they have shown to him & Mehgan for the last few months.
He also said that they would spend some time in Canada before deciding whether to move to the united states or another country.

[Music] Goldgy Samuel – Why South Africa Prod. Bcleff

Goldgy Samuel comes out with this sensational song titled ‘Why South Africa?’

This song is full of intrigues, it touches the heart and captivates all humans with souls.

The song was dropped on the heels of the XENOPHOBIC attacks in the Southern African nation, where host blacks turned on their guest blacks in a wave of deadly assaults.

Pls if you believe in the unity of the black man, the unshakable bond that should unify every African, I implore you to get this song.

https://wazobianigeria.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/AUD-20190911-WA0002.mp3?_=5 DOWNLOAD MP3

[Music] Frenzy Fado – Date prod. Bcleff

Frenzy Fado comes out with another hot joint titled DATE..

This song is a banger any day any time. The song drops on the heels of his other single titled Stand By Me. That is consistency!

Baby u make me feel like Obama.. U too fine!

Even if u double date, me no care!

Song was produced by the one and only Bcleff!

Download, spread and u r sentenced to groove on!

https://wazobianigeria.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/AUD-20200115-WA0000.mp3?_=6 DOWNLOAD MP3



Hey Guys, Its Unah Ebere here again, Kindly read on😊

Rema who made a mind-blowing debut into the Music Industry in 2019 has indeed been kicking some ass ever since as he always goes back home with an award at every Award Event he gets nominated in.


Starting 2020 strong by winning the Best New Act at the 2020 Soundcity MVP Awards, he truly is ready to conquer 2020.

I can remember a comment made by Diana Eneje on one of Rema’s I.G post stating “But the beginning is already so big” and I totally agree with her, or Don’t you?


Hey Guys, Its Unah Ebere here, Kindly read on 😊

From the looks, Burna Boy is having an amazing 2020 so far, not ignoring the fact that its just a few weeks into 2020 and he has already bagged an award at the 2020 Sound city MVP Awards as Best Male Act of the Year.

Burna Boy won quite a number of awards in 2019,like the grammies, the headies, BET Awards, to mention but a few and we can all agree that 2019 was a successful year for our beloved Burna Boy and from the looks of it, Burna Boy is here to takeover 2020 as he starts the year winning Best Male Act of The Year at the Soundcity MVP Awards.

What do you think?