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NTA Star TV Network is bringing StarTimes, a new pay TV service in Nigeria. Star TV Network is a collaboration between NTA and some Chinese partners. The novelty of the NTA StarTimes service is that unlike other pay TV services in Nigeria, subscribing to the NTA Star TV Networks StarTimes service requires no satellite dishes, there is also no installation cost, and of course you do not have to worry about the weather. All you need is an NTA StarTimes decoder and you will start enjoying over 30 channels at just N1,000 monthly. NTA Star TV network will officially launch StarTimes service on July 29, 2010, although the product is already available in the market.

Just a StarTimes decoder, no dish required

StarTimes decoder

The main selling point of the NTA StarTimes is that it requires no satellite dish. This one benefit comes with a package of benefits. The first being lower cost of deployment as you do not need to buy a dish or pay anyone for installation. All you need is a StarTimes decoder, which goes for around N10,500. The StarTimes decoder is plug and play just connect it to your TV, and you can start watching over 30 channels in your home. Any TV antenna can be used for receiving the NTA StarTimes signals, however an antenna mounted outside will offer better reception.

NTA StarTimes signals are not affected by the weather. Whether it is raining, cloudy, or sunny, the reception will be affected minimally.

Over 30 Channels

NTA StarTimes comes with over 30 channels. The channels are carefully selected to target different user needs news, documentaries, live sports, entertainment, Kids, Education, etc. A number of NTA channels are included in the packages like NTA Lagos, NTA News 24, NTA Sports 24, NTA Entertainment, NTA International, etc. More NTA channels may be added in future. Here are some of the other TV services on NTA StarTimes service:
  • BBC World News
  • MGM
  • Discovery World
  • Kidsco
  • TBN
  • E-Entertainment
  • CCTV News
  • BET
  • Fashion TV
  • MTV Base
  • Zoom TV
  • e-Africa
  • Nickelodeon
There are also a number of local channels on StarTimes and more are likely to be added in future.

NTA StarTimes may be considered crappy, however considering the price of about N1,000 per month, one will say you are getting a good value for your money. NTA StarTimes will appeal to consumers in the entry level end of the pay TV market. These consumers are more likely to be price sensitive and will find StarTimes attractive. NTA StarTimes is a good deal, but the possibility of watching some EPL matches live on NTA Sports 24 makes StarTimes an even better deal, especially to EPL fans within the entry level segment.

StarTimes Packages and Prices

Subscription for StarTimes from NTA Star TV Network costs N10,500. This includes the StarTimes decoder and one month subscription. There are two packages the StarTimes Basic package which is currently put at N1,000 and the StarTimes Premium package which goes for N1,800. StarTimes Basic offers about 30 channels, the StarTimes Premium boasts of over 38 channels.

StarTimes coverage and dealership

NTA Star TV Network plans to deploy the StarTimes throughout Nigeria. For now we can confirm that StarTimes coverage is in Lagos, Abuja, and Ogun States. We currently have no information on StarTimes dealership, but since NTA is involved in this project an NTA branch in any of the coverage cities will be a good place to look for your StarTimes decoder.

  • StarTimes Decoder (with free one month) - N10,500
  • StarTimes Basic Package - N1,000
  • StarTimes Premium Package - N1,800

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