I’m a very  Good Cook… PRINCE  OKAFOR

I’m a very Good Cook… PRINCE OKAFOR

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MAY WE KNOW YOU My name is Prince Okafor, I’m from nando in anambra east local government area of anambra state. TELL US ABOUT YOUR BACKGROUND AND GROWING UP Growing up for me was cool, I’m from a wealthy and respectable home. But during my teenage days, I was exposed to life . I couldn’t mingle with my age, all my friends were older than I was…well, I reserve my coments. ARE YOU MARRIED OR SHOULD WE BE EXPECTINGWEDDING BELLS My relationship I would like to keep private, not married though. I am very much single! WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES I love cooking, am a very good cook, I love sports too like American football, basket ball and gymnastics… am an ex player! WHEN DID YOU GO INTO NOLLYWOOD Officially, I have been stable in acting for 1year and 6months now, but my very first time of acting was