Month: April 2018

Non-profit group seeks ways to improve Nigeria’s low cassava yield

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A non-profit international alliance of 45 organisations known as The Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century (GCP 21) is set to meet in June in Benin Republic to seek ways on how to help Nigerian farmers boost low cassava yield and create wealth for themselves as well as food security for the nation. Cassava is the main source of carbohydrates in Nigeria and other West African countries, replacing some traditional staples such as millet and yam. With its variability to dry climate and its applicability to many products including foods, confectionary, sweeteners, chips and pellets, experts say cassava has the capacity to help Nigeria become less reliant on food imports. According to GCP 21, West Africa produces 50% of world cassava. Nigeria by itself accounts for 20.2% of this outpu...

FG weighs raising levy on imported starch to boost local cassava production

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The Federal Government is said to be considering levying imported sweeteners, flour and ethanol in order to reduce the food import bill and boost local investment in cassava processing, the ingredient from which starch is derived. Despite been the world’s largest producer of cassava, Nigeria still imports most of its industrial starch, a by-product of cassava. With an import levy, the government hopes to reverse the trend under an “Industrial Cassava Policy.” Nigeria spends nearly N252bn ($700 million) annually to import industrial starch and other by-products of cassava. With a local processing capacity of 35%, industries that depend on cassava by-products may have no other choice than to look inwards at local producers as government explores measures to place levies of between 0% – 60% o

Six Killed , seven injured, police APC damaged in BHT and Security Forces Crossfire, IEDs Explosions in Maiduguri

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Borno Police Command has confirmed four persons including a Civilian JTF and two female suicide bombers were killed in crossfire and IED explosions with boko Haram insurgents and security forces Thursday night in Jidari area of Maiduguri metropol ...Powered by WPeMatico