Month: April 2018

‘You give her gonorrhea and you get HIV back’

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Festus Odimegwu The former CEO of Heineken in Nigeria engaged sex workers to promote beer. The company benefited from its close relationship with the president. In an interview with a Dutch Newspaper, Odimegwu talks about his days and exploits at the helm of Nigerian Breweries Plc. The text was translated from Dutch to English using google traslate. Please pardon us for any lost translation. Festus Odimegwu lives in a lush neighborhood of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. In his village of origin he is traditionally king and his villa in the city is also a lavish palace. A footman from Benin – staff from the French-speaking neighbor is considered chic in Nigeria – serves champagne. Odimegwu was head of Nigerian Breweries between 1999 and 2006, the culmination of a glorious career that began i

Heineken accused of not doing enough to protect female sales agents from sexual abuse in Africa

BUSINESS, New Products, News, NIGERIA, Nigerian state programs, wazobia companies
Dutch brewer Heineken said it will do more to protect is sales agents in Africa after a Dutch newspaper, NRC published allegations of widespread sexual abuse of sales agents in 10 countries where the company operates. According to the report, Heineken indirectly employs about 2,000 women as “promotional girls” in Africa out of a 15,000 women global sales force based on internal research done in 2007. The sales agents job involve going around to bars, cafes and restaurants with promotional crates to persuade owners to stock the company’s brands. The report says that many of the female sales agents were sexually assaulted or propositioned by bar staff in the course of their work. The report also alleges that some prostitutes combined beer promotion with their regular work to win new clients