Will violence flare again in Kenya?

WHAT does it say about the fairness of a vote when a senior election official is murdered a week before polling day? On August 8th Kenyans will pick a president, governors, MPs and senators. Yet instead of being excited about the chance to elect a new government, many are terrified. On July 31st Chris Msando, the chief technician in charge of the electronic voting system, was found dead in Nairobi, the capital, his arm broken and his body displaying signs of torture.

Who killed Mr Msando is far from clear. The opposition blames the government; a spokesman for the president calls this accusation unfounded. The killing removes one of the few people trusted to ensure that the voting system works and sends a message to other electoral officials that they, too, are at risk. The chairman of the electoral commission said that the voting system would be tamper-proof, and the government announced extra security measures to protect election officials.


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