This is a very good analysis of our problems.Nigerians don’t  read.They are busy  plotting  how to loot too. The solution  to Nigeria,s   problems is a Jerry Rawlings of Nigeria to rise up and clean up the mess and start a fresh.Take a look at the transformation  in Tanzania  where the new President Magufuli is doing wonders.Here is a no nonsense guy driving himself to work, help workers clean up the streets ban ministers from riding expensive  vehicles, ban them from traveling 1st class going abroad for business etc. My brother, Nigerian problems  are too many. These members of NASS who were former  Generals,Governors  and Dep. Governors are there for themselves and not to better the country. Look at the make up of the Senate and the House.Saraki,the thief who should be in prison  is their leader. American  type of democracy  is not suitable  for Nigeria. Parliamentary democratic  system  is better for us.Why should the constitution exempt  anyone including  the President  and other politicians  from prosecution  when they commit crimes? What a joke.
These legislators  should be part timers and their salaries slashed to be commensurate  with their jobs. All their outrageous  benefits  should taken away from them. In the good old days, Nigeria provided  apartments  called legico flats  for legislators in Victoria Island,Lagos.Now these men and women  without conscience are given big houses with all kinds of benefits and they do nothing. This will now discourage  every Nigerian  from wanting to be a Senator  or a member of the House. If you ask any small boy or girl in Nigeria what they will strive to be, their answer  is politicians and to be a Senator,  House of Rep,Governor and so on and so forth. They should all be stripped  of the title Honorable.The Western politicians hardly answer Honorable. Nigeria,s own is too much.This is my piece this morning. Really tired of this Nigeria.


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