“All great truths start as blasphemies”- George Bernard Shaw

“Our lives improve only when we take chances- and the first and most important risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves says Walter Anderson.

Falsehood may have it’s hour, but it has no future—— Francois D. Presence

Carlyle can’t be wrong when he said, “No lie can live forever”. For all of us, we must draw lessons from the word of Martin Luther King Jr. where he said thus: “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or the darkness of destructive selfishness.

 This my manual is written only for the eyes of the poor Delta State mugus. So if you are not a member, please stop reading now because it’s by reading things that don’t concern them that many godfathers and son’s have lost their shot-sight!! You have been warned.
 Not a few will agree with this writer that the number one citizen of Delta State wallowed in the “darkness of destructive selfishness” as his personal fiefdom he built against some political leaders who brought him up in the state in the early days of his clamouring for Governor has  started crumbling before his very eyes.

Many politicians of such hue in my beloved Delta State of Nigeria are faced with ethical dilemma as many of them do not seem to care about things that are beneficial to the society at large.

Delta State politicians want to win election by all means; ranging from stealing the masses votes to using their  Facebook MEDIA appointees  to blackmail their opponents without minding the impact of their bizarre action on the dirty delta  polity. This group of delta animals “mugus” seems to forget the admonition of the two holy books, both the Bible and the Quran which instruct: “Thou shall not kill.

There is no gainsaying the fact that if we care about moving forward or making progress, our oil rich Delta State is long overdue for Godfatherism and peaceful path to true democracy.

Delta State is ranked first in Nigeria I know where inherent godfather and god’son will shamelessly and irresponsibly imposed aspirants on the poor mugus under tyrant political party thereby making the future youths declared that there is no moral in politics or politics is a dirty game.

I  openly submits that politics is not a dirty game, but it is only people of dirty minds  like the mugu GODSON’S  that make it dirty. According to my Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary, values are the beliefs about what is right and wrong and what is important in life: moral values.

A person’s values are what he stands for and believes in. A person who embraces Godfatherism and imposition of candidates values cannot revel in the business of subverting the democratic right of members of any party where he founds himself and the general electoral process.

It have come to Delta State mugus knowledge that Godfathers and son’s has become so powerful and heedless, blinded by selfish interest, swept aimlessly on the creed of greed, hurriedly toeing a path that leads to only one place: INFAMY. Not a few will agree with this writer that no empire last forever.

Anti-party godfather and sons has sufficiently proved to the 2.5  millions delta mugus that there are the strutting god of the hour who is disdainful of democratic fair play, deride equity and mock justice! Is it not a comic assault on invincible truth and a desperate attempt to stand it (the truth) on its head and gratuitous insult to the collective psyche of party members and the electorate when he (okowa) wrote through his online media tools to accused  the court of law over the victory of the authentic National Chairman and his deputy of the people democratic party  (PDP) SENATOR​ MODU SHERIFFand Dr Cairo ojugbo of committing the vices he personifies:

As  destructive politics of bringing the worst leaders out of their hideout and imposing them on an unwilling people? Dear Mr fix it if you know that you cannot cope with MODU SHERIFF PDP,please sir go Accordingly.

Am still saying it that this write-up  is written only for the eyes of the poor Delta State mugus. So if you are not a member, please stop reading now because it’s by reading things that don’t concern them that many mugus have lost their man-hoods!! You have been warned.

Sir the poor ika mugus are aware that you are trampling on the right of party members whose  hard earned money, efforts was used to sponsor your governorship campaign and some of whom are  aspiring for the forthcoming ika north east local government chairman in your LGA, rather than support them you sees

  the opportunity of planting your GODSON’S who happens to be among your APPOINTEES, HON Emeke Asiwe,a stooge that will be pandering to your whim and caprices  with a pinch of salt in Ika north east local government area council.

It is high time all democrats, lovers of justice, equity, fair play and those who do not want  PDP in Delta State to go into political oblivion sooner than we think to join hands together to call OKOWA’s bluff and clip his political wings so that he did not imperil our democracy and the country itself.

It is an indisputable fact that OKOWA’s’s brand of politics has brought nothing but pains to the longsuffering hapless citizens of some Local gov where it has the opportunity of ruling over  delta north, central and Delta South senatorial District where his godsons control the levers of power. Now is the time for the mugus, the average  citizen, to stand up and protest the rampant corruption of imposition that is destroying everything that made our state great.
 DELTA state mugus should note that if our representa-thieves are ignorant, unethical, reckless and corrupt, it is because we tolerate these negative attributes, but if they are intelligent, ethical, brave and pure, it is because we demand these high qualities from them.

 The unprintable atrocities of godfathers, especially first democratical elect Governor of Delta State EX-CONVICT James Onanefe IBORI, immidiate past state governor Emmanuel ODUAGHAN and OKOWA, against our hard earned democracy cannot be forgiven by any party or individual. It has always being in their character to undermine and subvert the democratic right of poor DELTANS.

One major characteristic of Nigerian politics and governance, one that call for critical interrogation and action is the typically and indubitably authoritarian mentality of the present Delta State godfather and public office holder. These authoritarian minded-political ruler have subverted everything including the political party and other institutions of the state. Our so called Godfatherism menace inherited from IBORI corrupt POLITICal dynasties find it hard to entrust power in more competent and charismatic subordinates. Rather always promote the dregs of the society whom they believe lack ambition, vision, and ultimately the grit to challenge them.  PDP in ika north east local government area are  dominated by a strong man or a small clique of strong men who are mostly political enetrepreneurs  operate more like joint venture companies established for the sole purpose of capturing the state in order to share the 2.5million mugus common patrimony.
Since the inception of this democratic dispensation in 1999 Delta State democracy was distinguished by the struggle to build power around a leader, not around institutions of state that should improve economic welfare of citizens, fight corruption and institutionalizes credible elections. There after the cult of the leader grew. The concerns are about powerful leaders handpicking successors and ensuring that the electoral process endorses them. Instead of owing his allegiance to the people, the allegiance of the handpicked successor will be to the godfather.

The foregoing explains the reckless insensitivity of one of okowa’s and his royal Highness Dr Emmanuel Efeizomor the Obi of OWa kingdom protégé, Barr Francis Eborka who was imposed on the mugus, to the cruel conditions of the ordinary people of ika north east local government area of delta state in the last 4 years of his maladministration. Leadership ought to be about service, comfort and happiness for the greatest number, but 

Today in ika north east local government area were you as the Governor of the state hail from, there is nothing practically on ground to suggest seriousness in the  bid to make life meaningful for the hapless people. Barr Francis Eborka’s ,expired four years as a CHAIRMAN was imposed on the poor masses to oppress the poor! He has sufficiently demonstrated to be a faithful, loyal and obedient student of okowa’s school of politics where respect for rules, fairness, equity, neutrality and democratic rights of party members is not in its political lexicon.

There is no gainsaying that the aforementioned is a sine qua non for the advancement and cohesion of the ruling party in Delta State,  PDP less it goes the way of the APC, God forbids! We are collectively doomed as a state if OKOWA’s led PDP government at the centre fails. Okowa and his proposed forthcoming local government god son,  HON Emeke Asiwe,  who has  with an iron-fisted hand with you in the state government house have sufficiently demonstrated to some of his closed mugus that he seek power for self-aggrandizement at the expense of the people. The foregoing explains the untold suffering the poor ika mugus  have  undergo under  Barr Francis Eborka  in the last 4 years of the locust.

We ika north east mugus have always sat back lamely and often praise notorious godfathers imposing on us their surrogate political godsons for their own selfish aggrandisement.


A look at the cartacar committee chairman, Mrs Ijienwa Okwunonke and Barr Francis Eborka’s expired four years  disastrous tenure respectively in Ika North East council will  beyond any shred of doubt that it is in our own enlightened collective self-interest to pitch our political tent with those trying to clip the political wing of Barr Francis Eborka and his remaining faithful godsons in order to save ourselves from the evil he represents.

There is no gainsaying the fact that all our socio-political and economic woes today in Ika North East, was caused by okowa and Obi of OWa kingdom who single-handedly imposed Barr Francis Eborka’s ticket on his party, PDP and went ahead to rigged the duo into power in the general election. Our peculiar problem of Mrs Okwunonke, was caused by Emmanuel ODUAGHAN, who imposed  Mrs Okwunonke on the poor ika mugus because he was bedwifing​ Mrs Okwunonke.

The mills of God grinds slowly, but with exactness grind all injustices and man’s cruelty to one another in due course. “Any leader who takes political decisions on selfish interest got destroyed at the end”

The question agitating the minds of perceptive and neutral delta mugus about this Godfatherism nefarious political activities is: What does OKOWA really want? Many will agree with me that the simple answer to the foregoing is: (1). Self, (2). Self and (3). Self! Gbaaam

The holy book says; “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. There is no gainsaying that the mugus of Delta State​  have learnt sufficient lessons from what is happening to the long-suffering hapless citizens of delta under IBORI’S godson Governor OKOWA led PDP government in the last few  years of the locust.

The foregoing explains why delta mugus should not think hesitate to pitch their political tent with a man of proven integrity, outstanding record of achievements.

MIRACLE ogor IFEANYI WROTE from diaspora


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