Her Excellency Dame Edith Okowa, The First Lady Of Delta State

In respect of our mother her excellency Dame Edith Okowa, the first lady of Delta State who is a mother indeed, a woman of Dignity and virtue. Who is outstanding despite whatever challenge and outcome. Her lifestyle which attracts humor, respect regard praise and admiration . her fame has created awareness for women both in Delta State and other state at large.

She has clings firmly on her 05 initiative which she started on June 1st 2015 on her birthday and the initiative.
Inspiration which was gotten from Matthew 25.35.36. The initiative which is about 5 objectives thus, making it 05 initiative is about the following.
1. Feed the hunger and give water to the thirsty
2. House the homeless
3. Visit the sick
4. Visit the prisoner
5. Give hope to the hopeless.

Sponsoring this program will be of immense benefits to you.
1. There will be wide nation publicity in both visual and prints media for the general public to know your strong commitment towards this program.
2. This program if implemented, it will be a landmark achievement on your leadership profile.
3. This program will bring to the notice of the public the good works of your hand.
4. This program will help achieve the God giving potential of the youth,there by bringing glory to your name.

She has used her 05 initiative to take care of the less priviledge, feed the poor and give hope to the hopeless. Indeed what a Mother indeed.


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The virtuous girl is that who fears God and possesses qualities that makes her a rare gem.She is a girl of noble character who stands true to her description.
Her life style attracts humors, respect, regard, praise and admiration. She does not need to be loud for recognition, but her fame and personality speaks for her.Her reputation is good and same everywhere. she understands the one true fact that in the world, there is just one man for her.
The virtuous girl understands the place of God in her life, and she knows that only in God could find fulfillment.
She has grown to accept her self, not comparing her self with others, rather she respects and adores herself.her basis is the word “i am wonderfully made”.
she is not useless in her career instead she is ambiguous with a good career.
Her outward appearance is charming and attractive,she goes on moderate cute wears, understanding the blend of colors which make her dressing unique.
She is always seen as a star where ever she is. She always conducts and carries her being with an air of dignity.she clings on her belief that no mater what they take from her, they cannot take away her dignity.
In her academic pursuit, she is always ambigiuos and relentless and always the best amongs bests.
Infact she is a role model that every girl has to emulate

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