This is a very good analysis of our problems.Nigerians don’t  read.They are busy  plotting  how to loot too. The solution  to Nigeria,s   problems is a Jerry Rawlings of Nigeria to rise up and clean up the mess and start a fresh.Take a look at the transformation  in Tanzania  where the new President Magufuli is doing wonders.Here is a no nonsense guy driving himself to work, help workers clean up the streets ban ministers from riding expensive  vehicles, ban them from traveling 1st class going abroad for business etc. My brother, Nigerian problems  are too many. These members of NASS who were former  Generals,Governors  and Dep. Governors are there for themselves and not to better the country. Look at the make up of the Senate and the House.Saraki,the thief who should be in prison  is their leader. American  type of democracy  is not suitable  for Nigeria. Parliamentary democratic  system  is better for us.Why should the constitution exempt  anyone including  the President  and other politicians  from prosecution  when they commit crimes? What a joke.
These legislators  should be part timers and their salaries slashed to be commensurate  with their jobs. All their outrageous  benefits  should taken away from them. In the good old days, Nigeria provided  apartments  called legico flats  for legislators in Victoria Island,Lagos.Now these men and women  without conscience are given big houses with all kinds of benefits and they do nothing. This will now discourage  every Nigerian  from wanting to be a Senator  or a member of the House. If you ask any small boy or girl in Nigeria what they will strive to be, their answer  is politicians and to be a Senator,  House of Rep,Governor and so on and so forth. They should all be stripped  of the title Honorable.The Western politicians hardly answer Honorable. Nigeria,s own is too much.This is my piece this morning. Really tired of this Nigeria.



OUR attention has been drawn to your statements in Vanguard of Saturday, June 10, 2017. You are alleged to be in support of the call on the Igbo to quit. It is unfortunate, grossly unfortunate, that a scholar of your calibre will be so partisan as to be unable to see the wisdom in retaining Nigeria as a corporate entity. I know you have, in the past, been anti-Igbo.

One would have thought that our education exposes us to a level where we can live even with our enemies. You said in the alleged publication that, “each year up to the time Nigeria gained its independence, none of the two regions East and West was able to produce for its self. I mean none of the Western and Eastern Regions had the money to effectively run the affairs of the region until they got financial support from the Northern Region.” It is this assumption of yours that I want to address.

First of all it is not true that the North had bailed out Eastern Region or the Western Region. But you claim that even before independence none of the regions could live without Northern subvention. Let me draw your attention to the facts before independence. You should read W.M.M Geary’s work titled “ Nigeria under the British Rule” published by the Cass and Company Limited, London (1927).

Subsidizing the North. May I draw your attention especially to pages 124 and 125. You will see published, General Revenue for the Northern and Southern Protectorates before the Amalgamation and the Percentage of Total Revenue originating from the North. You will see that contrary to your argument, it was indeed the South that was subsidizing the North. I am reproducing the tables here for clarity.

I also draw your attention to Abstracts of Revenue, 1809 to 1913 . You will also see that the North could not have survived without the Imperial grant and the support of the South. When you look at the third table, Northern Nigeria revenue paid by the South and the Imperial grant, it will disabuse your mind and show you that without the South and the Imperial grant, the Northern government/states could not have existed.

Indeed, one of the reasons for the amalgamation was the fact that the British colonial government was tired of carrying the burden of the North and they thought that by merging the Southern and Northern protectorates, the country would be stable. Indeed, the circumstances that forced the British government to amalgamate the Northern protectorate and the Southern protectorate on January 1, 1914 were motivated neither by political exigencies nor by a closer cultural understanding among the diverse elements of the conglomeration that was later to be called Nigeria. It is obvious that the primary interest of the British government was economic.

It was also obvious that the Northern protectorate, because of its geographical location and cloudy economic prospects, was not likely to be viable.

In fact, the Lugard administration was finding it rather difficult to maintain the Northern protectorate which was already running into deficit. Testifying to the financial difficulty of the North and the anticipated prosperity that would follow the projected amalgamation of the Northern protectorate with the Southern protectorate, Lord Lugard reported that “the prosperity of the Southern protectorate as evidenced by the liquor trade, had risen by 57 per cent. In fact, the liquor trade alone yielded a revenue of One Million, One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Thousand pounds (£1,138,000) in 1913. This he believed was the result of amalgamation of the Lagos colony with the Southern protectorate.

The Northern administration could not have survived without the imperial grant-in-aid which in the year before the amalgamation stood at One Hundred and Thirty Six thousand Pounds, (£136,000) and had averaged Three Hundred and Fourteen Thousand, Five Hundred Pounds (£314,500) for the eleven years ending in March, 1912. Besides, the burden of financing the North seemed to have been resisted and bitterly criticized by the Southerners. The expenditure of the British tax payer’s money in financing a colonial territory was a contradiction of the British colonial policy enunciated sixty (60) years before by L. Gray which stipulated that “the surest test for the soundness of measures for improvement of an uncivilized people is that they should be self-supporting.”

Economic position

This is by L. Gray in The Colonial Policy of the Administration of Lord Russell, London: Cass and Company Limited, 1853, page 281″ . Further, the Northern protectorate was not only land-locked but bounded by territories that fell under the influence of other European powers. It was, therefore, inconceivable how the economic position would have improved without aid from the South.

The only alternative open to Lord Lugard was to amalgamate the North and the South and thus have a legitimate reason for the expenditure of revenue from the South in developing the North. Details of this manouevre was laid bare in a letter written by Lord Lugard on November 22, 1912 to his wife explaining how he had used the Southern resources to finance the Northern deficit.

Regardless of the merit which Sir F.D Lugard saw in his financial amalgamation of the South and the North, the prevalence of bitter criticism in the South shows the unpopularity of the amalgamation. At that time, the export from the South stood at Five Million, One Hundred and Twenty-Two Thousand Pounds (£5,232,000) while the export from the North stood at Two Hundred Thousand Pounds (£200,000) in 1910. This was very discouraging to the colonial system and called for urgent remedy. On Tuesday, January 31, 1911, there were attacks on the colonial secretary’s suggestion that the South should advance a loan of Two Hundred Thousand Pounds (£200,000) to the North for the completion of the Baro to Kano railway, in addition to the sum of One Million, Two Hundred and Thirty Thousand which was required from the South.

One of the criticisms of the Northern dependence on the South was voiced out by Honourable Sapara Williams who contended that before the loan was to be granted, the Secretary of State should settle the type of relationship that existed between Lagos and Zungeru, the two administrative headquarters for the South and the North respectively.

Existing hostility

He contended that as far as he was concerned, that the Southerners were strangers to anything connected with the railway after it has passed Offa, the last Yoruba town on the line.

He referred to the existing hostility between the North and the South, particularly as regards the issues of extending the Northern boundary of the Southern protectorate to incorporate Yoruba territories now locked up in the Northern protectorate. My dear Professor, the hostility of the Northerners towards the Southerners is not new in the Nigerian history. Even during the time of Sapara Williams, the Northerners did not see anything reasonable in the relationship with the South.

You will recall the massacres of the Igbos in Jos in 1945; you will recall the massacres of the Igbos in Kano in 1953; you will recall the massacres that preceded the civil war. If we cannot live together, Mr. Professor, don’t you think that it is high time we told ourselves the naked truth.

You will also recall that in 1964, after the crisis that followed the elections, that Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe had called on Nigerians to call a round table conference to discuss how we could share our assets if it was impossible for us to live together. We kept on patching this unpatchable relationship. In my honest opinion, this relationship has soured enough that it will take the wisdom of God to make us love one another.

We went to Aburi and there the leaders agreed that the only solution to our problems was to have a confederation but Gowon reneged. You will recall also that the British government, after the crisis of 1951-1952, realized that this country could not be a unitary state and they brought in the 1953 constitution which gave us regional autonomy. If the colonial masters in their wisdom knew that we could not be a unitary government and gave us what we had at independence, we should have respected their wisdom.

You will also recall that after the civil war, the regional autonomy which our independence conferred on us was violated by the military government led by the Northern soldiers. We ended up having this contraption that we are having now; it has not worked. It will not work, unless there is proper restructuring of the nation. We should stop pretending.

I believe in all sincerity that if we cannot accommodate every segment of the federation in one Nigeria, we should call a constitutional conference to decide how this country can be restructured so that every area can take care of itself and we can relate on certain agreed basis. 

We have slaughtered ourselves enough. We do not want another civil war in order to justify the existence of “One Nigeria”.

May I humbly call on all Nigerians to examine the last constitutional conference which addressed the issue of restructuring. Let us not leave it to our youths to tell us when we can stay together or when we cannot stay together. The youths in Biafra are crying; the youths in the North are crying; the Niger Delta youths are crying. The middle belt is not happy with what is happening to them.

Added to these, the strategies of the herdsmen to penetrate every nook and corner of Nigeria, is raising some issues for national discourse. The Federal Government has deliberately refused to call the herdsmen to order.

They have killed many people and ravaged many communities. None of them has been arrested. Why? In May 2016, I published two articles and warned that the activities of the herdsmen was a plot which would soon cover the whole country. The heavy silence of the Federal Government tends to support the view that the herdsmen are on an undisclosed mission which only time would tell.

The Government must listen to the call for restructuring in order to have a workable nation.

The military, for partisan reasons, jettisoned the independence constitution and foisted an unworkable constitution on Nigeria. Let us be humble and accept that we made a gross mistake by throwing away our independence constitution. It is now clear that unless we return to a structure that guarantees regional autonomy, there will be no peace in this country. The earlier we returned to regional autonomy the better for us.

Regional autonomy

I want you to look at the tables I have given you to see that your postulation that the North, before independence, had been carrying the burden of the South is a fallacy. The statistics I have given you here were not compiled by me.

They were compiled by the colonial government in 1809 and 1813. They show that the North has always been the Southern burden. Even in this administration, without the resources from the South, the North cannot make it. This is a gospel truth. But if the North believes it can go without the South, what prevents us from restructuring so that the North can be on its own and the South can be on its own.

Let us call on our government to look seriously at this unworkable structure called Nigeria. We must not allow our youths to be slaughtered again defending the indefensible. This federation as it is, is unworkable.

PROF. ANGO Abdullahi

My dear Professor let us come together as scholars and look at our country very objectively. 

You may also want to read some of my works such as: Nigerian Nationalism & the Problems of Socio-Political Integration and

Quo Vadis ( Where Are You Going) Nigeria?& Other Essays.

My sincere regards

Prof. B.I.C Ijomah

PDP Is Above All Of Us

“…PDP Is Above All Of Us…From The Supreme Court, No Victor, No Vanquished..” – Governor Fayose
A meeting of PDP Governors Forum and some other Party stakeholders held yesterday being Thursday, June 15, 2017, at the Residence of the Chairman of the Forum and Governor of Ekiti State, H.E. Chief Ayodele Fayose.

2.       The Meeting was well attended and it had the Governors of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, Gombe State, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, Delta State, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Bayelsa State, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson, the Deputy Governor of Rivers State, Mrs. Ipalibo Banigo, and the host Governor, Chief Ayodele Fayose. Other Party leaders include: Professor Jerry Gana, Senator Chief T. A. Orji, former Governor of Abia State,  Chief. Achike Udenwa, former Governor of Imo State, former Ministers of Women Affairs, Hajiya Zainab Maina and Hajiya Inna Ciroma, and a host of other Party stalwarts.

3.       The Meeting according to Governor Fayose, resolved to remain confident, committed and loyal to the PDP believing that the Party which is more democratic than any other in the Country, will be united towards winning elections at all levels in 2019.

4.       On the pending Appeal at the Supreme Court, Governor Fayose stressed that the Party leaders are hopeful that the forthcoming Judgment will further unite the Party. To buttress, he declared that the Court Outcome will be that of no winner and no vanquished position.

5.      Concluding, the Chairman further maintained that the PDP is beyond every member and as such, all its members must be guided by its supremacy. He reassured Party members of their continuous agreement to work together for the overall success of the PDP and democracy.

Residence of the Chairman of the Forum and Governor of Ekiti State, H.E. Chief Ayodele Fayose

God bless the PDP! God bless Nigeria!!

Adm. Chinwe I. Nnorom

Head, Publicity Division,

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

For: The Meeting


The Delta State Sickle Cell Centre bill sponsored by Hon Pat Ajudua representing Oshimili North constituency and the State Centre for Rural and Social Development bill, Otorho-Abraka sponsored by Hon Evance Ivwurie representing Ethiope East Constituency were among the bills that passed the second reading on Tuesday at the State House of Assembly presided over by the Speaker, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori.

Hon Ajudua while arguing the bill with the support of other lawmakers including Hon Oboroh Preyor; Emeka Anthony Elekeokwuri; Alphonsus Ojo; Angela Nwaka and Dennis Omovie said the bill on sickle cell was to enhance the campaign and control of the disease in the state.
The lawmakers noted that an enabling law was needed to manage sickle cell anaemia, which will further attract the attention of the international donor agencies, adding that specialized centres will be created across the state.
Invariably, the Speaker announced the setting up of an ad-hoc committee to scrutinize the bill with Hon Alphonsus Ojo as Chairman, while Hon Angela Nwaka; Daniel Mayuku, Efe Ofobruku and Kennedy Daubry are members and would submit their report in two weeks. 
On the Delta State Centre for Rural and Social Development Studies bill, Hon Evance Ivwurie and Emeka Elekeokwurie argued that the proposed bill will further expand the activities of the already established center.
The Speaker equally referred the bill to an ad-hoc committee headed by Hon Daniel Yingi, while Hon Peter Uviejitobor, Festus Okoh and Reuben Izeze were to serve as members for which the committee is expected to submit back its report in two weeks.

Delta State Sickle Cell Centre bill

Dino Melaye at 40, he’s a millionaire & already a Governor

Dino Melaye at 43, millionaire & Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 

Dino Melaye at 43, he’s a millionaire & already a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with fleet of exotic & expensive cars worth millions of Naira in his garage & he refers to them as toys.

Some civil servants in Kogi State have not received their Salaries in the last 15 months even with allocations, bailout & Paris club refund.
Dino Melaye receives millions of Naira as constituency allowance with no any form of project to show for it & no constituency office. 

Yahaya Bello is in his comfortable office but some youths are outside fighting for him with their lives. 

Dino Melaye is in his bullet proof G wagon with heavily armed security while some youths are outside fighting for him.👔💵

You as a youth, your parents have not received salaries for 15 months & your constituency allowance is being used to buy expensive toys, you still go out there to fight for this people. 

My question is that, when are you going to be freed by the witches in your village? 

When will you come to your senses & start thinking of how to make your millions before 40 or at 40?

Why would you allow politicians to use you when they don’t know you exist? 

Have any of you ever seen the children of this two titans? 

The youths should know that this two people knows what they are fighting for which is known to the both of them alone & know that no politician is worth loosing your precious life for.

By the time all the youths realize this, politicians will not see any youth to use for violence again. 

Let those who have ears hear this as I rest my case at this juncture.


I am unable to pinpoint aptly  how the concept of organising an economic roundtable in Ika land gave many of us a kick. 

I also cannot decipher what qualifies me to be part of Ika Village Square, IVS, the engine room of Ika sons and daughters that has become the platform that accommodates all manner of persons not connected by political, social or clannish affinities. I do not need to dissipate energy  praising the eggheads who created the arena that made Ika Economic Summit a reality. After all,  it would have been a disservice if they had failed to use their God-given talents to better the lots of their people. 
That there will be an all encompassing summit where the problems, progress and prospects of Ika Nation will be under focused is no longer in contention. What is uncertain is how best we take full advantage of the event? 
The summit will attract people of diverse backgrounds and social stratifications. It is entirely business,  divulged of any partisan leaning. Ika sons and daughters who call the shots in the banking, media, ICT, education, entertainment, security and manufacturing subsectors are all expected.
Not  many will argue that there has never been any window for all our clan heads to sit together in a very conducive environment not only to interact with themselves but with their subjects.  The Ika people who were geographically removed from us will sit with their kith and kin in search of development. What a great moment there is? 

During this summit, the challenges against the Mbiri farm settlement  established in 1958 will receive attention just as the dry season okra farmers in Alihagu and Alifekede will get the opportunity to solicit for preservation of their produce. 

 The tomato farmers in Igbodo will benefit from the summit as the likelihood of investors in canning would get confirmed assurances of investment-friendly environment. What is responsible for the  lack of support for the pineapple farmers in Emuhu? 

Why is  Ute and Otolokpo palmwine not bottled? And why did the ancient mat weavers in Ute-Ogbeje stop? Do you know there is an  expanse of land acquired by federal government in Agbor Alidinma for root crops  that its ownership is raising issues?  We will have  insights at the summit. 

The exploration of oil in  Ika Nation started in earnest about six years ago. What are the challenges? Why have we not been made member  of oil-producing communities in Delta State? The huge kaolin deposit in Ozanogogo is yet to benefit the community. The Orogodo River which hitherto was a haven to aquatic animals  and swimming resort has become a dumpsite.  Why have will failed to key into state government’s impetus to develop fish ponds along the Orogodo  River banks?
There was a time when  products from Crest Biscuits and Confectioneries Limited  were breakfast delights. Who will tell me why Masta Tissue Papers produced by Central Industries Ltd could not continue? Why did Lay-Tech Company at Owanta, close shop? What influenced some friends to build Ika Guest House? Hmmmm. Can you remember ‘Big H’ meatpie? 

Penthouse Hotel was noted for clubbing. What happened? Uromi Junction was an economic hub until the road became an embarrassment both to government and our big ‘bosses’. 

Why is it that our youths prefer internet wealth to dignified affluence? Are we happy that Fulanis and the illegal migrants are the only source of farm labour?

 How many of us are bold enough to publicly confess been  victims of rape by those we pay to till the soil? 

Are we happy that our university graduates abandoned their certificates to die in the Mediterranean Sea in their desperate  attempts to ferry into  Europe? Is it not better to learn how to make bricks  than to be political thugs where you  get one-off payment? Can we be candid enough to recall that despite been beneficiaries of stigmatized ’empowerment’, our financial status has not improved?

The Ika Economic Summit will make us free from macule. It is an opportunity to produce our own Mark Zuckerberg. Have we taken time to x-ray the ingenuity of those boys at College Junction fixing our phones and laptops without traceable source of their skills?  We can redirect our internet maneuvering skills to replicate the exploits of Jerry Yang and David Fill who created yahoo in 1994. Now is the time to know that government needs us more  than we need government. When we are able to micro-source and extricate our life from dependence on government, we will be respected and in the long run, determine who lead us politically. 

The success of the summit depends on you and I. I am glad that we do not have the culture of ‘begging’ money under whatever disguise. Begging is not our culture as we have always flaunted the gains of  hard work. We should not be encouraged into thuggery as no one is happy to be introduced as a thug. If you are privileged to be a guest at the summit, do not betray our time-tested hospitality. 

The best way to earn money is to employ yourself. It is good we exploit our environment to find out what the problems are. The next is to find solutions to the identified problems. And whoever finds solution, is the master. The summit holding this June with the theme: “Exploiting the Economic Potentials of Ika Nation through Strategic Partnerships”, will provide several answers. Be part of it. It is unfortunate that Sir Fortune Ebie won’t be part of it.

Ika Village Square (IVS)

Williams Eghebi Wrote


The Principal and founder Christian Okpambor foundation  and Sênior Special Assistant to Delta state Governor on Youth Mobilization for Positive Change, Hon. Christian Okpambor today accompanied His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa and his entourage to the Ika National Hall Agbor, as the Town hall meeting series of Gov. Okowa’s  2nd year in office hits Ika South LGA.

Hon. Okpambor in photograph with friends and Political Associates.


“All great truths start as blasphemies”- George Bernard Shaw

“Our lives improve only when we take chances- and the first and most important risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves says Walter Anderson.

Falsehood may have it’s hour, but it has no future—— Francois D. Presence

Carlyle can’t be wrong when he said, “No lie can live forever”. For all of us, we must draw lessons from the word of Martin Luther King Jr. where he said thus: “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or the darkness of destructive selfishness.

 This my manual is written only for the eyes of the poor Delta State mugus. So if you are not a member, please stop reading now because it’s by reading things that don’t concern them that many godfathers and son’s have lost their shot-sight!! You have been warned.
 Not a few will agree with this writer that the number one citizen of Delta State wallowed in the “darkness of destructive selfishness” as his personal fiefdom he built against some political leaders who brought him up in the state in the early days of his clamouring for Governor has  started crumbling before his very eyes.

Many politicians of such hue in my beloved Delta State of Nigeria are faced with ethical dilemma as many of them do not seem to care about things that are beneficial to the society at large.

Delta State politicians want to win election by all means; ranging from stealing the masses votes to using their  Facebook MEDIA appointees  to blackmail their opponents without minding the impact of their bizarre action on the dirty delta  polity. This group of delta animals “mugus” seems to forget the admonition of the two holy books, both the Bible and the Quran which instruct: “Thou shall not kill.

There is no gainsaying the fact that if we care about moving forward or making progress, our oil rich Delta State is long overdue for Godfatherism and peaceful path to true democracy.

Delta State is ranked first in Nigeria I know where inherent godfather and god’son will shamelessly and irresponsibly imposed aspirants on the poor mugus under tyrant political party thereby making the future youths declared that there is no moral in politics or politics is a dirty game.

I  openly submits that politics is not a dirty game, but it is only people of dirty minds  like the mugu GODSON’S  that make it dirty. According to my Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary, values are the beliefs about what is right and wrong and what is important in life: moral values.

A person’s values are what he stands for and believes in. A person who embraces Godfatherism and imposition of candidates values cannot revel in the business of subverting the democratic right of members of any party where he founds himself and the general electoral process.

It have come to Delta State mugus knowledge that Godfathers and son’s has become so powerful and heedless, blinded by selfish interest, swept aimlessly on the creed of greed, hurriedly toeing a path that leads to only one place: INFAMY. Not a few will agree with this writer that no empire last forever.

Anti-party godfather and sons has sufficiently proved to the 2.5  millions delta mugus that there are the strutting god of the hour who is disdainful of democratic fair play, deride equity and mock justice! Is it not a comic assault on invincible truth and a desperate attempt to stand it (the truth) on its head and gratuitous insult to the collective psyche of party members and the electorate when he (okowa) wrote through his online media tools to accused  the court of law over the victory of the authentic National Chairman and his deputy of the people democratic party  (PDP) SENATOR​ MODU SHERIFFand Dr Cairo ojugbo of committing the vices he personifies:

As  destructive politics of bringing the worst leaders out of their hideout and imposing them on an unwilling people? Dear Mr fix it if you know that you cannot cope with MODU SHERIFF PDP,please sir go Accordingly.

Am still saying it that this write-up  is written only for the eyes of the poor Delta State mugus. So if you are not a member, please stop reading now because it’s by reading things that don’t concern them that many mugus have lost their man-hoods!! You have been warned.

Sir the poor ika mugus are aware that you are trampling on the right of party members whose  hard earned money, efforts was used to sponsor your governorship campaign and some of whom are  aspiring for the forthcoming ika north east local government chairman in your LGA, rather than support them you sees

  the opportunity of planting your GODSON’S who happens to be among your APPOINTEES, HON Emeke Asiwe,a stooge that will be pandering to your whim and caprices  with a pinch of salt in Ika north east local government area council.

It is high time all democrats, lovers of justice, equity, fair play and those who do not want  PDP in Delta State to go into political oblivion sooner than we think to join hands together to call OKOWA’s bluff and clip his political wings so that he did not imperil our democracy and the country itself.

It is an indisputable fact that OKOWA’s’s brand of politics has brought nothing but pains to the longsuffering hapless citizens of some Local gov where it has the opportunity of ruling over  delta north, central and Delta South senatorial District where his godsons control the levers of power. Now is the time for the mugus, the average  citizen, to stand up and protest the rampant corruption of imposition that is destroying everything that made our state great.
 DELTA state mugus should note that if our representa-thieves are ignorant, unethical, reckless and corrupt, it is because we tolerate these negative attributes, but if they are intelligent, ethical, brave and pure, it is because we demand these high qualities from them.

 The unprintable atrocities of godfathers, especially first democratical elect Governor of Delta State EX-CONVICT James Onanefe IBORI, immidiate past state governor Emmanuel ODUAGHAN and OKOWA, against our hard earned democracy cannot be forgiven by any party or individual. It has always being in their character to undermine and subvert the democratic right of poor DELTANS.

One major characteristic of Nigerian politics and governance, one that call for critical interrogation and action is the typically and indubitably authoritarian mentality of the present Delta State godfather and public office holder. These authoritarian minded-political ruler have subverted everything including the political party and other institutions of the state. Our so called Godfatherism menace inherited from IBORI corrupt POLITICal dynasties find it hard to entrust power in more competent and charismatic subordinates. Rather always promote the dregs of the society whom they believe lack ambition, vision, and ultimately the grit to challenge them.  PDP in ika north east local government area are  dominated by a strong man or a small clique of strong men who are mostly political enetrepreneurs  operate more like joint venture companies established for the sole purpose of capturing the state in order to share the 2.5million mugus common patrimony.
Since the inception of this democratic dispensation in 1999 Delta State democracy was distinguished by the struggle to build power around a leader, not around institutions of state that should improve economic welfare of citizens, fight corruption and institutionalizes credible elections. There after the cult of the leader grew. The concerns are about powerful leaders handpicking successors and ensuring that the electoral process endorses them. Instead of owing his allegiance to the people, the allegiance of the handpicked successor will be to the godfather.

The foregoing explains the reckless insensitivity of one of okowa’s and his royal Highness Dr Emmanuel Efeizomor the Obi of OWa kingdom protégé, Barr Francis Eborka who was imposed on the mugus, to the cruel conditions of the ordinary people of ika north east local government area of delta state in the last 4 years of his maladministration. Leadership ought to be about service, comfort and happiness for the greatest number, but 

Today in ika north east local government area were you as the Governor of the state hail from, there is nothing practically on ground to suggest seriousness in the  bid to make life meaningful for the hapless people. Barr Francis Eborka’s ,expired four years as a CHAIRMAN was imposed on the poor masses to oppress the poor! He has sufficiently demonstrated to be a faithful, loyal and obedient student of okowa’s school of politics where respect for rules, fairness, equity, neutrality and democratic rights of party members is not in its political lexicon.

There is no gainsaying that the aforementioned is a sine qua non for the advancement and cohesion of the ruling party in Delta State,  PDP less it goes the way of the APC, God forbids! We are collectively doomed as a state if OKOWA’s led PDP government at the centre fails. Okowa and his proposed forthcoming local government god son,  HON Emeke Asiwe,  who has  with an iron-fisted hand with you in the state government house have sufficiently demonstrated to some of his closed mugus that he seek power for self-aggrandizement at the expense of the people. The foregoing explains the untold suffering the poor ika mugus  have  undergo under  Barr Francis Eborka  in the last 4 years of the locust.

We ika north east mugus have always sat back lamely and often praise notorious godfathers imposing on us their surrogate political godsons for their own selfish aggrandisement.


A look at the cartacar committee chairman, Mrs Ijienwa Okwunonke and Barr Francis Eborka’s expired four years  disastrous tenure respectively in Ika North East council will  beyond any shred of doubt that it is in our own enlightened collective self-interest to pitch our political tent with those trying to clip the political wing of Barr Francis Eborka and his remaining faithful godsons in order to save ourselves from the evil he represents.

There is no gainsaying the fact that all our socio-political and economic woes today in Ika North East, was caused by okowa and Obi of OWa kingdom who single-handedly imposed Barr Francis Eborka’s ticket on his party, PDP and went ahead to rigged the duo into power in the general election. Our peculiar problem of Mrs Okwunonke, was caused by Emmanuel ODUAGHAN, who imposed  Mrs Okwunonke on the poor ika mugus because he was bedwifing​ Mrs Okwunonke.

The mills of God grinds slowly, but with exactness grind all injustices and man’s cruelty to one another in due course. “Any leader who takes political decisions on selfish interest got destroyed at the end”

The question agitating the minds of perceptive and neutral delta mugus about this Godfatherism nefarious political activities is: What does OKOWA really want? Many will agree with me that the simple answer to the foregoing is: (1). Self, (2). Self and (3). Self! Gbaaam

The holy book says; “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. There is no gainsaying that the mugus of Delta State​  have learnt sufficient lessons from what is happening to the long-suffering hapless citizens of delta under IBORI’S godson Governor OKOWA led PDP government in the last few  years of the locust.

The foregoing explains why delta mugus should not think hesitate to pitch their political tent with a man of proven integrity, outstanding record of achievements.

MIRACLE ogor IFEANYI WROTE from diaspora


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